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The focus of the paper is about a certain health problem, which occurs to so many women and girls in the world’s poorest countries. These mothers and young girls suffer from a health problem called fistula. I chose this topic because I saw that many mothers are suffering because of lack of information of the members of the community. This is where most women give birth without any medical help. This is a vital thing, which can cause so many problems to the mothers. Here, I am going to discuss how it occurs, its classifications, causes, remedy, and how to avoid it.

Obstetric Fistula is a solemn problem facing women in the planet’s poorest nations in cases where mothers give birth and lack any medical aid. A woman’s labor gets blocked leading to pain and longer days. Apart from the mother’s life and health being exposed to a danger, they baby’s chances of surviving are very slim. If the mother is lucky to endure, her body would be wholly broken by the labor. She cannot manage her body waste. The repercussions deserted by families and the general community, as they cannot bear more children and unpleasant smell (Lewis, 2006).

Fistula is not of one type. It is classified into three wide categories in regard to the affected body area, and the connection type. Examples are bladder fistula, vaginal and lachrymal fistula on the other body so the causes are dissimilar and cannot be general. The truth is that fistula is real preventable and treatable. The injury can be mended by reconstructive surgery. The standard cost of fistula treatment includes rehabilitation support, postoperative care and surgery can sum up to $300. If surgery cannot treat the condition, a patient is undertaken through urostomy where they wear a bag to collect the urine. For successful operations, a woman can resume full and fruitful life, having children as well but by caesarians section. It’s sad that fistula sufferers do not know of the treatment because they cannot afford or cannot access. The only way to end the fight against fistula is prevention.

At the moment, thousands of women are in anguish from the tormenting yet avoidable labor. This is attributed to the misfortune of poverty where proper surgery costs roughly $450. In fact, the figures are overwhelming increasing. Annually, roughly 100,000 women suffer the childbirth misfortune. As per the international ability, only 18 patients can be attended to daily but, with the huge figures, the surgeons express it as enormous build up of unattended patients. The need to treat fistula patients is clear (Lewis, 2006).

As the labor contractions go on, the baby’s head continually pushes against the mother’s pelvic bone. The tissues in this area die since there is no blood flowing. The pushing develops a hole which then in medical language is called fistula. Fistula occurs among the birth canal and the internal organs like rectum. This causes the leakage of urine, bowels or both.

Much has not been said about obstetric Fistula compared to other diseases. The problem affects many women around the world and sadly, the poor. In tandem, not many organizations and governments give support to patients (Reuters, 2010).

Lack of well- rained surgeons is another challenge facing the fistula treatment around the world. Fistula repair surgery needs extensive training as compared to others surgeries but they are inadequate. The main reason the fistula has been a disease of the developing nations. Due to enhanced maternal healthy, access to healthy caesarean deliveries obstructed labor in the developed world; it is easy to manage prior to fistula development.

Without fistula patients, surgeons in the developed nations do not have qualifications to treat the condition hence there are a small number of qualified developed fistula surgeons. Training local fistula surgeons is an advantage to triumph over the challenge, to provide urgent treatment but additionally can be a suitable long-term possible solution. However, another way to defeat the havoc of fistula is providing of well-equipped facilities. It can be as easy as informing the patients of free treatment and catering for transport cost or funding the surgeons’ supplies and salaries.

Nonetheless, from the entire world, both men and women have different assumptions about fistula. To some extent, it has led to treating the condition while, in relatively fair cases, the patients have been left to die since the family and community “know” it is untreatable. Another fact about fistula that is surviving is extremely slim. If the mother is lucky to endure, assumed is that the condition is not preventable. It can be prevented when a woman in labor is urgently attended to and care if a possibility of complication is detected (Reuters, 2010).

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Fistula is an extremely ordinary medical condition as an outcome of growth of unimportant passageway amid dissimilar organs that are misplaced. The development of fistula can be at any place in the body and amid any two organs. Its treatment is through medication and surgery. Being cautious during treatment is extremely vital otherwise; it could lead to serious problems like developing into cancer and kidney infection.

Some practices, like female genital mutilation, should be discouraged as they highly contribute to infection and are prevalent in the worst hit areas. Fistula is not a new condition since many talk of it in low voices. It’s common in vulnerable-young uneducated and poor countries in the remote areas. Due to financial strains and lack of treatment, the patients keep themselves and are too shy to explain to a healthy worker where they are suffering from. Due to this silence, they are ignored and misunderstood.

Just like any surgery, fistula repair has some hazards. Likely complications are blocked urinary catheter, anural and repair breakdown though it can be effectively managed. There are few cases of patients’ deaths. In fact, statistics acknowledges of death rates for fistula surgery ranging from 0.5 to 1% in sub-Saharan Africa. Before fistula surgery, careful management, and screening are vital since most of the women are prone to diseases and malnourished. They need post operative care and follow-up to manage medical issues that may arise (Büchler, 2001).

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If Fistula is not treated, more infections and ulcerations develop. Some women avoid drinks intake to reduce leakage and end up becoming dehydrated. Nerves in the legs become damaged leaving the sufferer unable to walk needing extensive physical rehabilitation. Early deaths have been witnessed because of medical consequences and social economic strives. Some extent, some women decide to take away their lives. The positive attribute of the sufferer, they become positive evident by surviving long painful labor. Some have endured with the condition for over 40 years (Büchler, 2001).

Some organizations have launched programs to curb down the fistula menace. An excellent example is UNFPA in 2003 and its partners commenced for the first time an international campaign against Fistula. The organization’s main goal was to make the condition rare in South as it was in North. Their other mission was to provide treatment to the affected, bring hopes to the victims by reducing discrimination and assisting those who had been operated so that they could maintain productive lives.

For over two decades, there is the immense improvement in respect to the extent of assisted births recording at 43% for developing nations to around 58%. East and South Asia and Northern Africa leading Sub Sahara Africa is known for the highest maternal death as a result of unskilled birth attendants. Healthy organizations are encouraging and supporting increased number of community based midwives and equipping district healthy facilities for backup support.

Women are world. Without them, the world is like a drying river. For how will the world fill without the beautiful fruits of the womb? Fistula is a woman birth related complication. The world at large should come to the aid of the suffering women. Let nobody hear or see a women suffering from this condition being subjected to psychological catastrophes or social and physical cascade. The world is restoring lives, as if it is a Motto for Worldwide Fistula Fund so, support women suffering from fistula.


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