Free «Foods and Human Health» UK Essay Sample

Foods and Human Health

Genetically modified foods are foods obtained from modified organisms using genetic engineering techniques, also known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These foods were first introduced in 1996 with various products from both plants and animals. Over the years, there have been controversies on the issue concerning the effects of genetically modified foods on people and environment. These concerns have been raised under grounds that these foods risk the health of human. This has raised global concerns because of the threat they pose to the global community.

Production of GMOs is said to have negative effects on the environment, such as becoming pest when they grow uncontrollably, causing health ailments of animals, and destroying agriculture as an environmental standpoint in general. Although GMOs are part of the solution to food safety of the global community, its production has negatively impacted the agricultural economy. Firstly, the production of the modified seeds increases the cost of these seeds, and, therefore, affects the budgets of farmers. Also, there have been disputes between farmers and manufacturing companies, whereby farmers are trying to cross-pollinate their sub-standard seeds and the modified seed.

Despite allegations of the risks of GMOs to human health, they have been a solution to the hunger faced by third world countries. The technology used is known to fasten the growth of these crops, and, therefore, it has become a food safety measure to starving nations. GMOs have positively impacted the global community; however, its risks have raised concerns of organizations. Additionally, the obstacles behind the production of these foods should be addressed in order to solve the problems satisfied by GMOs.

In conclusion, it has been noted that the government has not yet educated people on the risks of genetically modified foods; nevertheless, it is also evident that GMOs have both negative and positive effects on humankind. However, taking into consideration the risks posed, US government should consider adopting these organisms only on condition that its negative effects on humankind and environment would be eliminated or at least minimized.


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