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Healthy Eating Plan

A big error that most people make is believing that having knowledge about food is equal to eating well (Kostas, 1993). In essence most people do not use what they know about food to assist them in living a healthy life. I am particularly not any different. Considering that I have had vast knowledge of different kinds of food, I have done almost nothing to utilize this knowledge well enough as to term my eating habits as healthy as they should be. This I realized during the course of preparing a healthy eating plan.

In true, I have realized that my major problem is not the food I am eating- though I really need to improve on the same- but on when and how I consume the food. I have came to the realization that I have a habit of eating too much while alone, eating a light breakfast and taking large servings of high carbohydrates during lunch, and having snacks and desert each night just before going to bed. These issues are the basis of making and trying to implement a healthy eating plan.

My healthy eating plan has some very distinct nutritional recommendations. It includes a variety of food stuffs such as grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, meat and beans. Since this is a plan that is aimed at providing 2800 calories per day, at least half the grains in the diet have to be whole. The vegetables will have to be varied whereby they will include dark green vegetables, orange vegetables, dry beans and peas and starchy vegetables. The vegetables are to be taken weekly. For a person who needs at least 2800 calories a day, the ratios of the veggies will be at least 2 ½, 3 ½ and 7 cups respectively and 8 ½ calories of other vegetables per week. The plan will be inclusive of oils and discretional calories which will be aimed at about 8 teaspoons of oils a day. According to the plan all the extras will have to be limited that is, all the extra fats and sugars should be limited to at least 425 calories.

To implement the eating plan I will have to be disciplined. This discipline involves being conscious of time and the combinations of the food items such that they are balanced and include the right quantities of calories. The eating plan will be designed to fit into my lifestyle. This means that I will now have to make my breakfast heavy to accommodate my daily exercise sessions.

To conclude, physical activity is important for the well being of all people and is an important part of the overall well being of individuals. Physical activity helps in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and a lower risk of getting chronic diseases. It further increases an individual’s self-esteem and lowers the chances of high blood pressure and strengthens bones, joints and muscles. Thus physical activity is very important and should be included as part of any healthy eating plan though it does not necessarily involve eating.

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