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Healthy people 2020

Healthy people 2020 are a science based systematic approach to the promotion of health status and prevention of diseases to the American people. The plan was launched in the year 2010 to foresee the development of national healthy objectives of Americans in ten years duration. It has currently helped to encourage cross sector collaborations as well as giving guidelines to people towards making informed decisions concerning their health. The plan has also helped to measure the impacts of prevention activities on diseases. This project is paving ways to the achievement of increased quality healthy life as well as eliminating disparities in the provision of health services in the country, (Hernandez, 78).

The major goals of the enacting this project are; to achieve equitable healthy that removes disparities and helps to improve the health status of all categories of people in America; help people to achieve high-quality life that is free of preventable diseases, injury, disabilities and premature loss of lives; help the American people to promote high quality of life amongst themselves, development of healthy and health behaviors; and finally help people to develop social and physical environments that is capable of promoting good healthy for all the Americans,(Edelstein,345).

For the attainment of the above goals the following were suggested to be put into place. They include; the government involvement in providing financial assistance to the plan, designing and implementing healthy policies; other organizations to help in creating public awareness on healthy and preventable diseases and finally the public readiness and involvement in productive healthy activities. Thus the project involves members of the public health and prevention experts, a wide range of federal, state and local government officials, the general public and more than two thousand organizations, (Michael, 262).

The nursing corporation can best contribute to the Healthy People 2020 plan by educating the American people about good healthy habits; preventive techniques on preventable diseases besides providing treatment services without partiality. Nurses should do their best in proving quantitative and qualitative services to the people. However, the biggest barrier to the plan is the ‘MyHealthyPeople’ which is a new challenge for the application of new technology, (Dart, 262).

The objectives of the plan are being targeted through the introduction of new topics in nursing education that directly deals with the healthy of the people so as to equip them well. Such topics include; adolescent health, early and middle childhood, older adults, global healthy, sleep healthy, social determinants of healthy among others, (Edelstein, 2010).These topics of study can help the practitioners in the field of healthy to pursue the challenges the may face while meeting the objectives of the plan. Besides that, various sectors within the country such as the government, several organizations, health and prevention experts and the public at large are also included in meeting the objectives of the plan through various roles.

The healthy care of the vulnerable populations is financed by the government through the provision of free medical services. This is only possible in public related hospitals, (Michael, 378). Through other organizations such as Red Cross the vulnerable group are also able to get free or sometimes cheap medication in their specific locations within the country.

My role as a nursing professional in promoting the Healthy People 2020 plan may include educating the public on good healthy habits. Providing equal health services which is qualitative and quantitative to all. Educating and advising people on how to handle preventive diseases such as heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. On the same note I should educate and show the public the preventive measures on such diseases so as to prevent further consequences on the same. I should also support the public health sector and the government at large in facilitating the success of the plan, (Dart, 265).

Meanwhile the Healthy People 2020 plan has some other development strategies on nursing profession. These new development in the profession include the addition of more topics of study in the nursing curriculum. Such topics include; Adolescent Healthy, Blood Disorder and Blood Safety, Genomics, Global healthy, Preparedness, Sleep Health, health-related Quality of Life and Well-Being, Healthcare Associated Infections among others,(Richard,11). The main purpose for doing this is to equip the nurses with efficient knowledge in alleviating the current healthy problems that is troubling the people. Such problems include problems related to prolonging the lifespan of Americans. Thus the plan is acting sensitively towards producing nurses who are sensitive to the health needs of the Americans.

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The Healthy People 2020 is a plan that was started to foresee the healthy needs of the American people in ten years time. It has a vision of producing a society in which all the people irrespective of color and status live a long and healthy life. This will be possible through providing remedies to preventable diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. All these diseases can be managed by the population if they are empowered to do so by the information about them. Thus the Government, several organizations, public health sector and the general public have mounted a campaign through this plan to alleviate their impacts on the Americans. It’s an effective plan considering its impacts on the society and the mounting support from all responsible sectors and the time frame within which it will be enacted.


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