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HPV Vaccine

There are many vaccines that have been invented in order to prevent people from getting infected with various illnesses. The inventions are aimed at improving the public health. People have received the inventions with mixed views. There are those who positively accept the vaccines while others oppose the inventions. One of the vaccines that have brought various reactions from various corners of the world is HPV vaccine. Conflicting views are being presented by medical practioners who view the vaccine as a great reap forward towards improving public health and also as a means of promoting future health of the young people. On the other hand there are those who oppose this vaccine. For example, there are the moral and religious extremists who hold that this vaccine contributes to moral decay in the society. They argue that the vaccine allows people to engage in sexual immorality without any fear for they feel protected. This research paper will look at the different views that have been brought forward concerning HP vaccine. The paper will look at the various views given by the two opposing sides.

HPV vaccine prevents the types of genital human papillomavirus (HPV). According to studies conducted the virus causes most cases of cervical cancer and warts in the genitals. This vaccine is recommended for girls between the ages of eleven and twelve. It is also recommended for girls as well as women between the ages of thirteen and twenty six who have never been vaccinated or gone a complete series of the vaccination. The virus is mostly transmitted during sexual intercourse. The virus is most common to persons who are in their late teens and early twenties. Most types of HPV do not have any symptoms. But in other cases they cause cervical cancer in women. It is also known to cause other minor genital cancers. They also cause genital warts to both men and women. Despite that fact that they are not fatal they cause emotional stress to the victims. According to physicians vaccines are effective if they are taken before the body is exposed to the virus. As a result of this fact it becomes important that the children should be vaccinated against this illness before they start engaging in sexual life. This is because this vaccine does not treat existing infections (Palefsky, 2002).

Females should get this vaccine before they start engaging in sexual active life. This will reduce their chances of getting the disease due to the exposure that they have of HPV. However they may not benefit from the vaccine especially if they had gotten the virus before the taking the vaccine. The vaccine is also not recommended for pregnant women. Despite the limited studies on this issue, pregnant women are advised to avoid taking this vaccine until they give birth to prevent any effect to the baby. Vaccinating males against this disease have great benefits in preventing genital warts and the minor cancers such as penile and anal cancer. This has indirect health benefits for women as it reduces the chances of infection. One of the most significant medical benefits of this vaccine is that it targets the types of HPV that causes cervical cancer. Despite this benefit it cannot treat existing of HPV infections. It only treats HPV before a person is infected (Sweet & Gibbs, 2009). According to research conducted to test the duration that the vaccine takes shows that it lasts for a long time. The vaccine is approved by CDC as safe and effective. The studies conducted shows that it does nit have serious side effects.

However the vaccine does not shield against all types of HPV. For instance it does not prevent all cases of cervical cancer. As a result of this fact it becomes advisable for women to continue being screened for cervical cancer. The vaccine also does not prevent sexually transmitted infections. Studies have not yet shown how much protection that females get from receiving one dose of the vaccine. This makes it necessary to get all the three doses of the vaccine. It causes soreness in the arm where the shot is given. There are also cases of fainting among teens who receive this vaccine. It is recommended that patients should stay for almost some time in the hospital after getting the vaccine (Sweet & Gibbs, 2009).

Clinical trials that have been conducted on Gardasil pelvic examination on females aged fifteen and twenty six years, the trial showed that the vaccine prevents the precursors to cervical cancer. In testing the antibody response the younger females shows good response. In the long time the burden of the disease on the public health system will reduce with reduction of the HPV related diseases, which can be done by use of HPV vaccination. As a result there will be lesser visits to health clinics and also reduced health care cost to the health care system. HPV immunization allows the states to minimize the costs they incur in immunizing students at the same time they receive other vaccines.


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