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Intra Uterine Device

Intra uterine device is a small contraceptive device used by women for the sole purpose of avoiding unwanted pregnancies. They are T-shaped and usually inserted in a woman’s uterus. There has been raging debate on whether it is safe and desirable to use contraceptives and more so, the intra uterine device or simply use condoms. Research, however, has shown that IUD is among the most effective way of birth control and it is statistically given that out of one hundred women that use intra uterine device, one will get pregnant. It is therefore over ninety eight percent effective.

With over thirty years of usage, it is still not understood on how the intra uterine device works. But the nearest of the explanations states that when a woman has the contraceptive in her uterus it affects the sperm movement and makes their survival difficult and the egg has less chances of being fertilized and if it happens unexpectedly, the pill will hinder it from any development. There are concerns about the safety of using the contraceptive even though it is known that a good population of women can safely use the ParaGard and Mirena IUDs. ParaGard is a very effective form of contraception (Cash & Glass, 2010). Just as any medication might come with repercussions, even the IUDs come with instructions to be followed effectively. Among the people that are advised not to use this contraceptive are; those that think they are already pregnant, those having cervical cancer and pelvic tuberculosis among other complications.

The benefits that come with the use of IUD include the ability to breast feed while using the contraceptive and they do not change a woman’s hormones. There is the ability of a woman to get pregnant immediately the contraceptive is removed. Even with multiple benefits, some disadvantages accrue to this activity in that when the contraceptive is inserted into a woman there is mild pain and discomfort. Also, they are the effect of cramping and slight headaches that accompanies the use of IUDs.

The use of IUDs is not a bad contraceptive given that it does not have very bad effects and its strong point is that it is less risk facing the subject and a woman can immediately get pregnant again when it is removed. The string is used to remove the IUD, as well as to make sure that it stays properly positioned.


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