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Marijuana Is a Harmless Drug

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Can we then say that Marijuana is a harmless drug? From the above discussion, we can appreciate the fact that there are a number of risks and benefits involved in the use of Marijuana. However, comparing the two, the dangers are quite far-reaching that they should be avoided at all costs. Something whose worst effect is taking away your life should not be among those in consideration for human consumption. With this, I equate smoking bang to committing suicide. In addition, the use of something that can turn you mad is tantamount to abusing your creator as it serves as a testimony that one does not appreciate who he or she is.  I therefore dispute the definition of Marijuana as a harmless drug and support any definition that suggests that the drug is dangerous, looking at danger and safety as the defining approach.

Marijuana is a widely known and used drug whose usage has had so many side effects. It is obvious that it was not created purposely for being inhaled. Despite the fact that there are some positive effects in it, there should be no reason as to why we should embrace the use of the drug unless if it is for medication purposes in which case a doctor should be fully involved. Many researchers have advocated for its use but the advantages they point out are merely short-lived. An important point to note is that these advocates do not just mention the benefits in isolation of the dangers. Most use the approach of presenting the danger first then tag a benefit on it. We can look at these benefits as branches that grow from a stem of dangers. It is therefore important to be terming Marijuana as a dangerous drug whenever defining it as one of the campaigns against its usage.


  1. “Marijuana” is one of the names that the drug has received. It has several other names such as “herb,” “medicine” and “bang”. Being an illegal drug in many countries, dealers and users find it necessary to coin up new names within a span of short periods in order to hide from the authorities. Its scientific name is Cannabis sativa.


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