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Mini Mult

Mini Mult

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Mini Mult is the short version of MMPI-2. MMPI-2 stands for Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It is a personality test which is used in mental health. It was elaborated in the 1930’s in the University of Minnesota. Currently, it is one of the best psychological tests. It can not be called a hundred percent reliable, but it is an important tool in the mental illness treatment (Cherry, 2012). The test is used in criminal cases and custody disputes. It is also used in certain professions as a screening instrument. Basically, these are jobs of high risk rate. On different occasions, the Mini Mult test is used in treatment of substance abuse and related programs.

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After the inception of the test, researchers kept questioning the accuracy and the effectiveness of the Mini Mult. Many believed that the test contained racist questions, while others argued that the results were biased. Other critics insisted on the inadequacy of the original sample. In 1980 the test was revised. After such revision new validity scales were used. It was rebranded as MMPI-2. All users in the clinics must pay to administer the test when it is frequntly used in clinical assessment tests (Cherry, 2012).

The Mini Mult takes about 60 to 90 minutes to complete an administration. It contains 567 test items. The whole process of carrying out the test is done by a professional, for instance, a psychiatrist who has adequate knowledge in MMPI use. It can be administered either solely or in groups (Cherry, 2012). Computerized versions are also available. The test can be applied for persons above the age of 18. Scoring of the results is done either by hand or by computer. A qualified and experienced mental health officer must be the one to interpret the results (Cherry, 2012).

The validity and reliability of the Mini Mult is based on the original test. It is an effective test for diagnosing mental problems. It works perfectly and efficiently, just like the original version. The validity measures relate the validity and content scales to the ratings on the adjustable scale (Cherry, 2012). The advantages of the Mini Mult are that any given test can only be revised after 50 years, it is possible to add new scales, not assessed by the original test, and the test is more relevant for the currrent period, since items become dated. The disadvantages are that a respondent’s profile may be different from the profile on the original MMPI and the new norm group is highly biased.

400 patients diagnosed with psychiatric disorders were involved in the original test in the University of Minnesota Hospital. The control group, which was composed of relatives and visitors of patients, was made up of 700 people. Qualified and experienced health professionals were involved in carrying out the tests. However, 1338 males and 1462 females participated in the test for MMPI-2.

The test carried out on people with disabilities was different from that of normal people. The mean age was between 20 to 23 years (Gregg, Hoy, King & Jaota, 1992). People with disabilities demonstrated feeling of social isolation, restlessness and self-doubt. The normal people, majorly university students, demonstrated self criticism, obsessive thoughts and lack of self confidence. The two groups portrayed extreme short and long-term stress resulting to anxiety. Application of Mini Mult to persons with disabilities is relevant (Gregg et al, 1992).

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