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Modern Child Development Influences


Child development is defined as the psychological, emotional, and biological changes that take place throughout the growth stages. More specifically, the focus is on the period between birth and adolescence. After this time, the person in question moves a step further from dependency to independence. Therefore, modern child development relates to current and present ways of upbringing children starting from birth, up to the teenage years. It is thus very important how a child is brought up, as it is likely to influence the way of life after puberty. However, in some cases the influence on child is determined by genetics of parents (Jeffrey, 2013). Under such cases, children grow to exhibit fathers’ or mothers’ characteristics. The following paper focuses on the brain influence on child.

Brain Influence

Brain simulation takes place during the first months of a child. This is true since recent studies have revealed that the brain develops immensely in the early stages of an infant (Jeffrey, 2013). Hence there is a need for appropriate childhood development mechanisms at a tender age. An individual’s life is centered on the brain making decisions. This explains the benefit of efficient and effective early childhood development in nurturing the brain (Siegel & Bryson, 2012). In this regard, there is a call for parents to adopt scientifically approved initiatives in enhancing a child’s brain development. Brain influence impacts a child in the following ways: physically, emotionally, and cognitively. The following is a discussion on how brain influence impacts a child with the respect to the highlighted factors.

Physical Impact

To some extent brain influence is determined by the physical correlation of an individual. In this regard, there is a need to give children a good start by supporting their physical development. In modern society, this can be achieved by a string of measures, namely good maternal health during pregnancy, proper nutrition after birth, and other related ways of enhancing a child’s physical state. According to Siegel and Bryson (2012), frequent checkups are monumental in improving a child’s early development physique. In so doing, brain influences are energized and therefore a particular child grows with a healthy brain. This will work to the child’s advantage in the later years of the individual. Scientifically, it is understood that brain influence is proportional to the physical being of a person, and thus affects a child’s bodily outlook.

Emotional Impact

The mind plays an important role in decision-making. It is known that the brain is the human component that triggers influences verdicts. A child’s early development in modern society entails methods that simulate the brain to make positive decisions (Jeffrey, 2013). In so doing, an individual’s emotions are contained through facilitation of appropriate decision making. On the contrary, persons with poor early childhood developments in regards to brain influences are unable to control their emotions, thereby ending in questionable decisions. Because of this, parents are required to use effective brain influential methods, a practice that would develop a child’s emotional reaction in countering to the given issues. Generally, good brain development during early childhood growth depicts controlled emotions when the individuals turn into the adults.

Cognitive Impact

Cognitive ability is important in lives of individuals. According to Jeffrey (2013), there is a need to develop cognition in an individual, and this is usually done at early years of the life of person.. In this regard, early childhood development remains significant in embroiling a child’s cognitive ability. In the contemporary world, children are required to undergo certain stages in order to boost their brain that in the long run has a positive impact on these individuals’ lives. For example, a child is required to attend all necessary early education classes aimed towards boosting the child’s memory and understanding ability.

Relevance of Brain Influence as a Professional

As a person, I understand that there are fundamental considerations which directly guide my profession. It should be understood that professions are not created, but are rather developed through a process of acquiring elementary education. In this perspective, brain influence plays an important role towards nurturing my profession. I believe that I underwent comprehensive early childhood development processes, hence I had a good practice as a competent professional. Had it not been the effective mechanisms, I don’t think I would have made it this far in my profession. A good applicability is identifiable in both my physical state, emotional control, and cognitive ability.


Generally, early childhood development plays a very decisive role in nurturing an individual’s way of life. Brain influence is one of the factors characterized by early childhood development. The article has therefore explored the brain influence in reference to children. The discussion also highlights the impact of the influence of the brain with respect to physical, emotional, and cognitive aspects in children. In addition, the article has viewed the relevance of brain influence regarding the profession of the writer. All the talk encompasses a healthy early childhood development practices that eventually enhance lives of specific individuals. From the exploration one can distinctively see the importance of early child development, most importantly the significant bearing it has in shaping the destiny of an individual. Early childhood development should be adapted and practiced by parents globally.


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