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Nursing Homes in North Carolina

This annotated bibliography is formulated to enlighten the reader on the indications of comprehensive readings with regards to the use of the electronic health records in nursing homes with a close reference to North Carolina. This is a method of recording patients’ information which is generated from the encounters in the Medicare centers. This is a very important piece of technology as it facilitates the proper storage and retrieval of the patients’ information. In nursing homes, the advantages of using this technology are immense: the accuracy of the records is improved; redundancy of recording and testing can be eliminated, the data can be used for research and thus development of effective treatment procedures can be enforced, action plan can be drawn from the information and, also, evaluation of the performance can be done.  The study will be carried out through the analysis of the previous studies that have been done on the topic. It will consist of an introduction part, back ground information, critical analysis, future work recommendations, literature support and a summary of the learning experience as drawn from experiences in North Carolina.

Search Strategies

The reading materials are drawn from academic articles, texts, internet resources dealing with the topic, books, and government research publications. The reason why I chose those sources is because the subject is relatively new and most of the work is not yet to be published in the traditional resources. The search tools will include the Google-Scholars and Google books. The strategy will include searching the key words in the topic.   


The government articles and publications contributed for the greatest portion of the research paper as this is where most of the information is documented. The federal government has been the greatest pioneer on the quest for the adoption of technology owing to its great advantages; thus most of the researches has been documented in government affiliated websites. Other private research institutions and individuals have as well contributed to the topic.


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