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Physical Health

Physicalhealthissignificantto anindividual’s life and well being. Therefore, efforts of maintaining and attaining physical health are acriticalaspect of all people. The availability or lack thereof of physical health can be attributed to anindividual’s wealthstatus. The relationship between wealth and physical health is, therefore, a direct relationship. The availability of health determines thelevelof health services apersonreceives.

If a person has significant savings and is adequatelywealthy, health services will be easilyavailable. The case is not the same for a person suffering from the same health problem butpoor. The lack ofwealthwill prove difficult toacquirea health insurance policy and the inability topurchasethe relevant health services that areessential. The health facilities will prioritize a wealthy person’s health care since he or she can afford to make thenecessarypaymentwhile poor people cannot pay. This link between wealth and physical health issignificantto the provision of medical attention when needed. Therefore, peopleare challengedto makeadequatesavings toenablethemgetaccess to health services.

Wealth allows a person to live comfortably without succumbing to pressures of the inadequacies subjected to individuals who lackwealth. Themortalityrate of wealthypeopleissignificantlylowin contrast to poor people. This factis indicatedby the fact that many people are in or below the low income bracket. These people engage in jobs thattasktheir physical health exposing them to physically damaging conditions and environment. Their wealthy counterparts, on the other hand, are capable of taking care of their health and wellbeing effortlessly. They achieve this by hiring those who lackwealthbutseekit todotheir heavy lifting in life.

However, wealth cannot be acquired without the presence of physical health. A person needs tobehealthytoseekandscroungeforwealthin each possiblemeansdisposableto him or her. Health factors critically in a wealthy person’sprofile, since without health,wealthwill becomeinsignificant. Anindividualmay not be able to perform tasks and duties which areessentialto creating wealth if his health is weak and failing. This makes health supersedewealthin priority since without physicalhealththepossibilityof wealthcreationis limited. It isnotablethat most healthy people are capable of creating wealth and making significant savings. Wealth may nottranslateto immensefinancial empires in many individuals viewpoint, but, the ability to provide health services to one self represents wealth. Therefore, the measure of the relationship between wealth and health will vary as per thedifferentincome brackets in existence among individuals.

Wealth and physical health correlate despite the relationships that people find themselves in or their demographicregionandracialprofile. The effects of availability or lack ofwealtharesignificantlysimilar across these factors. Despite the racial profile, status or socialeconomic settingthat a person belongs, physical healthwill be determinedby his ability to providecompensationfor services rendered. Inessencewealthnot only does affect anindividual’s physical health but also influences the health policy making of a given country orstate.

The provision of health services is not possible without the availability of wealth. Wealth determines the health services anindividualis given, theirextentand quality as well as specialized attention. Provision of health services acts as a crucial motivator in peoples efforts at acquiring wealth. The satisfaction of securing acomfortablelifeis never realizeduntil physical health needs and requirementsare met, only then canwealthbe enjoyable andmeaningful. The link between wealth and physical health isfundamentalto human life andnature. Neither wealth nor health is independent of each other; both aspects of life are interdependent. Therefore, theirlinkis intrinsically synergetic innature.


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