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Private Healthcare

Health service is the basic necessity for any human being. The health provision for people has greatly affected with development of private health care . In my opinion, the disadvantages of private health care have overcome its advantages. I have intensively covered this issue by highlighting both the pros and cons of private health care.


Without a doubt, private clinics offer fast services to their customers. There are no queues in private clinics and, therefore, patients are being accepted as soon as they arrive at the reception (Gower, 2008).

The patient has opportunity to choose the date and time when they want to be at a doctor and have a consultation.Continuity of care is also available in private health care, whereby the patient is likely to be seen by the same medical consultant throughout the treatment (Gower, 2008).Private room is offered, so there is no need to worry about being placed in a mixed-gender ward.


Private health care is business-oriented and, therefore, its main objective is to make more profit; this has made this institution to be more and more expensive (Gower, 2008). This expense will grow gradually as fewer and fewer people will be able to afford the cost. Hence, people who are rich would prefer treatment in privately medical centers because they can afford to pay the bill while poor people in the societies are unable to do it.

Besides, such medical centers do not have the coverage of insurance benefits for the citizens. The rich taxpayers opt for treatment in private institutions, believing that they can provide speedy treatment. For this reason, private institutions cannot cater those people whose taxes are even way below their hospital bills (Gower, 2008).

Also private health care often do not offer full treatment to its patient. They are usually keen on making money and, therefore, the more patients they have, the more money they earn (Gower, 2008). This will make them to under-dose their patients and once there is some improvement in the patient’s health, that’s when the treatment stops. Also they will do this to save on the stack of their medicine.


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