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Social Attitude Toward Smoking

Smoking of cigarettes affects everything from the internal functioning of respiratory organs to the efficiency of the body’s immune system. The use of cigarettes is destructive to the human body as it can easily spread through all its parts. Cigarette smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of low birth weight and prenatal mortality of babies that had a fetal tobacco syndrome. According to King and Haviland, smoking claims many lives causing an addiction, and, besides, spending of billions of money by men and women annually. Once you have become addicted to cigarettes, it does not matter either you had started by gesturing or implying, it can take ages to stop smoking.

I’d Rather Smoke Than Kiss

From the words of the author, starting smoking at an early age as a rebellious manifestation, the common reason for a teenager, was senseless as it was a casual thing in her family. That is why when she starts smoking, she associate it with the excitement and pleasure. She emphasizes that life is better savoured rather than lengthened, and she is ready to fight the misanthropes among those people who tries to make her quit smoking.

Jeremiah O’Leary, The Washington Times columnist, defends the choice of the smokers to die without increasing the health insurance rates. He emphasizes that smokers perish younger than non-smokers do, and the social security fund is put into use in result. However, if smokers quitted smoking on the recommendation of doctors, thus, they would live longer and break the budget of the state.

The reduction of smokers would result in hundreds of billions of dollars of social security fund being saved that could have been used for other social projects. Moreover, Jeremiah argued that it would provide the most cost-effective average of the longevity. However, if generation changed its behaviour in a way that extends life expectancy, thus, the national retirement policy would face the challenge (King 32).

According to Health Policy Centre economist Gio Gori the prevention of disease should be the main objective core despite the fact that it will take additional expenses. He stresses the importance of keeping human body free from the harmful habit. Saving money is not as vital as saving the health of the nation, which is most precious goal according to Gio Gori.

A Silence That Kills

Expressing the opposite attitude towards the same issue, Haviland concentrates his attention on the harmful nature of smoking. He concludes that uses of tobacco among women and men lead to lung cancer that later result in death of the majority of its victims within a year. Consequently, the Government has supported the improvement of complete plans of the prevention and control of the tobacco use.

The author gives the list of reasons and irrefutable facts why the use of tobacco and smoking of cigarettes is damaging to the human body. He emphasizes that many Americans are dying every day due to the excessive smoking. He believes that the Government is accountable for creating this pandemic because it does not provide its citizens with a proper education that would cultivate an anti-tobacco awareness.

Anty-smoking campaign can cause a conflict among teenagers that have already begun to experience the nicotine addiction. The backside effect of smoking can cause a heart attack and the reduction of the blood flow circuit in the body. Male smokers are at risk of erectile dysfunction that approximately is fifty (50) percent. Erection may not occur unless the blood can flow freely into the male organ, thus, the blood vessels have to be in a good health condition.

Problems with the erection can be a warning signal that cigarettes are damaging other body tissues as well, for example, the blood vessels providing the heart. Smoking on a daily basis can result in an importance of the future generation.

Notably, children raised alongside at least one smoking parent, can have a higher percentage of acquiring an allergy or asthmatic bronchitis at their early age. Babies under the three years age are prone to severe respiratory infections in comparison to elder children. Considering the mature part of the population, passive smoking tends to increase the risk of lung cancer and heart disease (Macnair).

Researchers believe that success of the programme of full quitting smoking depends on three percent on the willpower of a person. They should also use medicine that reduces the urge to smoke and creates the withdrawal syndrome.


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