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Some of the notably effects of stress include: heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure as well as other related illness. Stress is also responsible for destroying the immune system that protects one from diseases and infection (Lazarus, 1998). Stress is also associated with development of other conditions such as alcoholism, suicide, addiction of drugs and cigarette as well as obesity.

Stress can be managed in the following ways: firstly, regular physical exercises resulting in reduced production of stress hormones as well as other petrochemicals that increase stress (Aldwin, 2007). Having enough sleep and a relaxing mood can also assist in manage stress to certain level. Stress can also be managed by eliminating the abuse of drugs and having a moment of meditating daily sessions to control blood pressure as well as the heart rate. Virtually, meditating helps in keeping the body healthy.

In conclusion, it is evident that stress affects majority individuals in the world. Its adverse effects have prompted it to be considered as a major health promotion goal. As analyzed above, stress may severely affect an individual resulting in development of other related illness. Thus, everyone should be in a position to manage development of stress due to the fact that its manifestation is highly individualized.


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