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Taking Care of Our Lives

All people would wish to live longer than they are actually going to live. If anything who would like to die early? However, the situations in the environment do not always allow people to achieve this important goal of living longer life in the world. People are very surrounded with life threatening situations in each and every instance. Every person who would like to live longer therefore needs to exercise a lot of care in managing the life situations. Studies have however revealed that major factors which cause early deaths are personally initiated by the very person who would wish to live longer (Servan-Schreiber, 2009). This research paper therefore reveals the simple life factors which would allow one to increase their life days.

Studies which have been conducted show that many Americans die of three major disease including heart diseases, stroke and cancer. However, critical analysis shows that all theses three diseases are very controllable by each and every person who cares to improve and take good care of their lives (Kotz, 2009). It is important to note that the predisposing factors of the diseases or the conditions at our own decision point and we can either decide to avoid them or welcome the disease in our bodies.

Cancer is one deadly condition which we all dread in our bodies following the fact that it can not be treated so easily. However, the good news is that the ways to control the disease are very simple (Servan-Schreiber, 2009). The effective management of cancer is made to three major categories that is; healthy feeding habits, keeping the body immune system in a good condition and the treatment through radiation when it has attacked a person. It is a fact that every person should take the kinds of food which would work to improve the level of the immune system.

Eating roughages, vegetables, foods rich in omega three like salmon, spices and herbs have the collective effects of improving the body immunity. At the same time, some food diets help to weaken the body immunity like sugar and its related products (Servan-Schreiber, 2009). Increased body immunity would ensure that the rate of growth of the body cancer cells are checked and reduced to the manageable levels. Any person of any age should therefore see to it that they take the most possible precaution to eat foods that are pro immune development for effective management of these three killer diseases.

The life daily practices also predispose all the people to the life threatening situations. Practically, it takes the personal life habits for one to contract these conditions like stroke, heart disease and cancer. A simple habit like physical exercise done on daily basis is just a nightmare to most people. We thus try to avoid physical exercise as much as possible, even to the young generation; we prefer games played at the sitting room to the ones in the field.

But the studies show that lack of physical exercise is one of the major causes of stroke and heart disease. In addition it has direct influence on the development of cancer. Every person should therefore see t it that they take exercise seriously. In conclusion, people should try to avoid life threatening situations like the careless driving and predisposing ourselves to the toxins which can bring an abrupt end to the life people live. This therefore calls for personal initiatives to take care of our lives without endangering our lives.

People should be more responsive in taking care of their lives. It is in fact a wonder that the diseases which are ranked to be the most killer ones are all controllable by our simple behaviors. Cancer can easily be avoided by avoiding the predisposing factors. Similarly, the prevention and control of stroke and heart diseases are actions which do not cause a dime. We should be very carefull if we really need to live longer.


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