Free «The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention» UK Essay Sample

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Without doubt, the role of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot be minimized under any pretext. In the contemporary world, it appears to be a powerful governmental institution. Under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health and Human Services, the CDC turns out to be one of the leading public health centers. That is why, its importance is worth evaluating accurately from different points of view. Thus, this article is to analyze particular features of such organization and elucidate its prominent mission, structure, strategy, daily operations, and expenditures.

Specifically, this national institution assures the well-being of the population on the governmental level. It is called to improve the current state of things and create favorable opportunities for further development being dedicated to the aspect of preventive policies. The leading message of this federal healthcare center is revealed in protecting public health and safety issues, controlling and regulating diverse diseases, injuries, and disabilities in the United States of America. Particular attention is also paid to specialized missions conducted all around the world. For instance, the CDC provides assistance to less developed countries. It appeals to the vital needs of their citizens and assures that they receive enough support in the sphere of environmental health, occupational safety, health promotion, improvement of life conditions, injury preventions, and educational programs (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016). With the cooperation of the International Association of National Public Health Institutes, the CDC researches non-infectious diseases that form a group of potential risks to the American population. Unfortunately, the uncontrolled spread of obesity and diabetes engenders a noticeable group of threats. As a result, the major initiatives are directed at this aspect to improve such a dramatic situation in the nearest future.

The organization has a specific structure comprising centers, institutions, and offices. Each branch of the CDC has its significant mission. Besides, the effective implementation of strategies is assured by cumulative efforts of the whole community. Every division has its basic task that should be accomplished in accordance with the embedded term.

On a daily basis, operations are characterized by the reasonable distribution of responsibilities and goals between the main centers. For example, one integrated element of the CDC investigates issues devoted to widespread diseases and conditions; the second generalizes valuable data about the healthy living; the third unit monitors and regulates the health assurance abroad; and the fourth one concentrates on emergency preparedness in the context of vital urgency. Apparently, each institution has its present objective to assure a healthy quotidian life.

According to the recent statistics, the CDC received 7,010 billion dollars in 2016. Conventionally, the budget fund increased in comparison to the previous year when a dramatic decline was recorded. Since it has a broad network of different specialists, including diverse categories of medical workers (engineers, epidemiologists, biologists, physicians, economist, public health advisors, chemists, and health communicators), such expenditures appear to be appropriate. By the way, the system of the realization of its ultimate goals also envisages the existence of special grants and sponsor programs. This particularity has a tremendous impact on the improvement of the quality of health care services. It creates positive tendencies for the following development of the center. As a national governmental department, the CDC accumulates more than 85% of the federal donations. Moreover, it provides financial support to the surrounding communities throughout the USA. Its efficient strategy appeals to the basic needs of the needy countries. It is worth remarking that the budget of this governmental institution is enough to implement heath care initiatives.

To conclude, it is essential to highlight that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is called to provide a perfect example for other public health agencies. Its important mission requires a detailed examination nowadays since it affects different social and public health spheres. Due to a large-scale structure of centers and departments, the CDC may promote favorable conditions for the development and assurance of vital health care principles.


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