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The Enhancement of Food Quantity

Genetically modified (GM) food is the food item that has had their genes changed through genetic engineering especially in plants and animals. By modifying the genes, those scientists can identify the characteristic of any food in order to alter or insert the enzyme that can improve the food quantity and quality. Although there are many negative feedbacks of selling GM food, many professional researchers indicate that GM food is safe. However, this particular skill in engineering will help to increase the amount of products, to improve its quality and turn it into healthy food.

The first advantage of modified food is that it can improve the yield gathering for the growing population. According to the recent research, production of GM food involves all agricultural means, so the amount of products that can be grown on each acre of land is by as much as 10 times bigger than it used to be for the last 100 years (Fedoroff, 2011, p.1). Many scientists tried to change these plants’ genes and had them growing in different weather conditions such as cold, hot, or saline to achieve greater yields ( This helps to maintain a sustainable supply of food for the rising population. Another greatest support of the GM food was the National Academy of Science report which the computer whiz Bill Gates helps to fund. He is greatly concerned about the issue and seriously believes that GM food has the potential if used to feed poor countries with high population (Smith, 2009, p.282). It does not only help those food producers to gain profits, but it also helps to alleviate the world especially the third world countries from hunger

Besides improving yields, enhancing the quality of food is another noteworthy advantage of GM food. The president of Calgene Fresh Inc, Thomas C., stated that a tiny enzyme named polygalacturonase (PG) cause a tomato to ripe fast (Smith, 2009, p.277). This is the power he discovered on how anyone could obtain GM food by mixing and matching chromosomes’. Putting an extra gene into the tomato’s original genes and letting them bond together causes a reaction that cancels out a total of 99 percent of the PG enzyme effect. The removal of PG enzyme lets the tomato remain firm and stay on the vine for two or three extra days until it becomes red.

Some studies indicate that GM food is a setback to our diet. They argue that plant breeding procedures may produce effects that are harmful to our health. Modifying low glutamine in rice is genetic usage of an anti-sense technique. It signifies the improvements in rice storage of proteins widely used for commercial brewing. The decreasing glutamine is an associate of an unintended increase in levels of prolamins ( This highly affects the existence of other proteins present in the product.

In spite of this, GM food will improve people’s health by adding certain nutrients and the necessary food supplements that come in handy in helping the body to conform with the day to day needs. We don’t get the same with ordinary food products. Scientist enriched content of beta-carotene (vitamin A) in golden grain (Genetically modified food, 2010, p.4). This can help to prevent blindness, what could give a great relief to the third world countries with the high level of blind people. A deficiency of vitamin A will augment the possibility of a person becoming blind. It is a common problem which happens in the third world countries especially in India. Genetically modified crops contain extra genes responsible for increasing resistance to certain insect infestations and thus agriculture would require less pesticide. This is an appropriate course to take putting into consideration environmental factors.

To make a conclusion it would be good to mention that GM food has lots of benefits including improving food quantity, quality and overall human’s health. It gets more popular nowadays as most of the basic food supplements we get contain GM food. Our life improves as GM food provides us with necessary ingredients for a healthy body.


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