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The Marijuana

The argument on whether the government should or should not legalize marijuana is one of the topics that have met extensive attention from the world. The debate has come under serious scrutiny from the medical staff and the clergy, with the government remaining in a dilemma on whose side to take. From the point of view of medical practitioners, the argument is that marijuana has several medical benefits to patients suffering from certain diseases. They argue that the government should legalize the drug on medical grounds. However, from the point of view of the church and other activist groups, marijuana is only but an avenue for young people to have easy access to drugs, which will spoil the social and academic lives of many youth. As we shall see in the arguments below, it is normal to expect disagreements from people who have education. Education makes people view concepts in carrying perceptions. These people will argue and defend their points of view of the concept in question. In this essay, we examine how education has led to disagreements on whether the government should legalize marijuana.

First, the opponents of the legalization of the drug argue that legalizing the drug on medical grounds will lead to confusion among the youth on the use of the drug. For instance, current statistics indicate that the rate at which the youth in the age group of 12 to 17 years are experimenting on drugs is alarming. Youth in this age category is an anxious group of the population that will do anything to try to experiment things. It is clear that the legalization of marijuana will increase the accessibility of the youth to the drug. This will affect their health status, their social lives, and their academic performance in schools. In fact, research has it that the consumption of marijuana affects the memory of its users, slowing down the learning process, and causing emotional deficiencies in the users.

The other argument from the opponents of the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes is that despite researchers conducting extensive research on the drug, there has been no documentation that the drug is effective for medical treatment. In addition, even if the drug may have any medicinal gain as its proponents argue, other alternative medicinal drugs can adequately provide similar treatments.

Analysts also argue that the legalization of the drug will increase cases of reckless driving on roads. Marijuana is a stimulant that raises the adrenalin of the user after consumption. When the government legalizes the drug, people will consume it even when driving, just as it is the case with cigarettes. However, unlike cigarettes, the impact that marijuana causes on its users is immense and can lead to reckless driving. This will increase cases of road carnage and loss of lives (Rosenthal, Kubby and Newhart 43).

Thirdly, the opponents of the legalization of marijuana argue that the drug will lead to a reduction of family values. For instance, when an individual is under the influence of marijuana, he is likely to disregard his responsibilities as the head and provider of his family. In addition, the user of the family may not get the respect that he deserves from his family. The truth is that society views consumption of marijuana as morally wrong. Similarly, the church views consumption of marijuana as a sin (Messerli).


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