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The Message

There are aspects in the document that are positive to the audience. The document is systematically analyzing every heading to have a clear understanding of its meaning.  The document is critical in analyzing the contents of every heading of what is required, and the necessary procedures to be followed. Even though, the contents of the message are not coherent, there is a degree of understanding what the document entails.  The wordings in the document were trying to critically describe the context of each heading. This helps the audient to have a detailed understanding of the meaning of the message, and what is required from them.  The document analyzed the different degrees to which the incidents are classified.  Every incident in the work place has been described clearly, and the precautions and actions in case of these incidents occur. Every classification of these incidents has in depth described the decree to which a certain incident is classified.

The color of the document can remain white due to its capability to attract the attention of the audience to get a glimpse of what it contained in the documents message. The background color depicts the contrast of the document. The calmness of this color will have the capability to attract audience in order to contemplate the context of the document. This contrast of the color gives the clarity to the message and the audience is able to deduce the message clearly interpreting it in the manner intended to convey the message.

The document clearly displays the main heading in a manner that the audience will automatically know the message in the document. This heading will prompt the concerned audience to read in-depth and capture the message   and its meaning. Every sub-heading has a statement that describes the meaning of the heading, and the message is therefore deduced correctly. The definitions of the common terms used to define the mode of incidents are clear, and has the components required in describing an incident that occurred. The warning notice in the documents is perfectly placed at the end of precautions and disciplinary action. This point at the end of the document is to denote and give caution, which in case of any failure to cope with the statements above will lead to ultimate dismissal and termination of employment.

Document Changes requirements

There are changes that entail to make the document appealing in conveying the intended message to the audience. The message statement of reporting procedure needs to be enlarged as this is the main message for the document.  This is the main theme in the document and must be able to attract the audience in a consistent manner.  The sub-heading should follow in a bold font, but the size should be relatively smaller than that of the main heading.  The procedures to be followed needs to be listed, as this will enhance the audience to contemplate the steps required clearly. The use of a prose can make the audience to miss some important procedure that arte a must to follow. The message conveyed needs to be concise and precise.  Use of a long prose makes the message to be ambiguous and thus, the interpretation will be different to what the message entailed.

The message should indicate reporting to a higher authority, not specific person so as to limit the complexity of the procedure. The three sub-headings need to be aligned at the centre to indicate that the document has three sections to comply with by the audience. The company name must be at the top, aligned centre, and followed by the policy heading regarding power equipments.  The heading under which the degree of incident is measured should not be together with the disciplinary action to be taken.  The clause of failure follows the procedure to report an incident is ambiguous, as it needs to be in the closing statement of failure to comply. The presence of this clause eliminates the strength of the following texts, due to the fact that the procedure clause and the disciplinary clause becomes the point of focus ignoring the presence of other statements. All the procedure and incidents definitions and disciplinary action needs to be concluded by the last statement of the consequences of failure to comply with the procedures provided. The color of the reporting procedure should not be shared together with that of the consequence of failure to follow procedure.  The color of the procedure should convey the tone of calm to enhance proper interpretation of the message conveyed. Since the consequences of failure to comply with the procedures might be severe, therefore, the color must depict the tone of command that is sharp to sensitize the audience on the severity of the failure. The definition of incidents should not share the same font size with the heading. This call for a different font need to be used with a different color, as the contrast in the color and the font depicts the contrast of the different meaning of the messages in the document. The disciplinary assessment statement should be clear regarding point’s accumulation and what each point account for. The placing of points without describing how they are attained will have no meaning.  The attainment of the points needs to be detailed to enhance the audience understands the required code of conduct in the workplace. The end note should be unique in the manner of color and font as this is the last resort for lack of compliance to the policy. This color shows the contrast in respect to the audience failure to comply with the procedures provided.


It is important to change the appearance of the document as per the discussion, as this will enhance communication and meaning of the message to be easily understood without interpreting otherwise.  The changes discussed will enable the document to significantly convey the message in a precise manner, and the audience will thus, interpret the meaning effectively as it was intended. The changes will enhance the audience to get precaution and thus, improve their work efficiency. These changes will eliminate any ambiguity which may otherwise jeopardize the documents’ meaning for its failure to convey the message effectively. With this recommendation, the document must be changed to conform to the audience understanding.


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