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The Patient Regarding

1)  Explain the information that must be given to the patient regarding the use of the catheter

Catheters are medical devices used to directly drain urine from the bladder. Their use involves lots of hygienic measures to avoid further complications to the urinary tract infections. For instance, the patient should keep the device lower than the bladder so as to avoid reflux of urine into the urinary tract. In addition, the device should be changed quite often to avoid accumulation of bacteria. Moreover, the patient  should take lots of water to prevent infections, especially the opportunistic infections.

1)  Explain an example of OTC (over the counter) medicines to treat cystitis and describe its mechanism of action

The management of cystitis can be achieved by the administration of painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol. This basically reduces the pain, but treatment can only be achieved by broad spectrum antibiotics life norfloxacine.

2)  Summarise two side effects of your chosen OTC medicine

The major side effects are bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract and general body weakness.

3)  Explain the information that must be given to the patient regarding your chosen OTC medicine

The patient must be told to take lots of water to avoid the resurgence of bacterial growth since the urinary tract has several normal flora.

4)  Recommend ways in which the patient could manage her Cystitis condition effectively including non pharmacological measures and ways to reduce the side effects of the treatment.

The other methods of management include intake of cranberry juice and avoidance of sexual intercourse as this would aid in the speedy recovery from cystitis.

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