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Treatment Facility Assessment

This essay assesses the capacity of Georgia Behavioral Health Facility to amicably handle cases of drug induced psychosis. In particular, it establishes the modalities of treatment, the staffing as well as the relative cost of treatment for a teenage drug addict. Essentially, I need this information to make an informed decision about which facility to take my teenage relative to in order to obtain efficient and affordable therapy for drug-induced psychosis (Bryan W., 2011 pg 112).

There are two major approaches to mitigating psychosis from the information I have obtained from internet sources. These are chemotherapy and physiotherapy. Although I only know briefly about the two treatment techniques, I’d be glad to know which of the two is given more emphasis in your firm. This is because I’m quite certain that my teenage relative wouldn’t like drugs. As such, chemotherapy may only work for him if the drugs aren’t too many. Besides, I would be glad to know exactly what the treatment philosophy of your facility is as this will enable me choose from the large pool of healthcare facilities in the country (Bryan W., 2011 pg 32).

The pattern of staffing that your agency prefers for psychotic patients would also be relevant for me. In particular, I would like to know if you have clinical pharmacists taking care of the psychotic patients in the facility and if they are well equipped to treat drug-related syndromes. This is due to the fact that my teenage relative has a shy character and would not be comfortable staying at the clinic for a long time. As such, I would also like to know what the facility’s policies are concerning the duration of waiting for admission to the clinic. Besides, the approximate cost of treatment as well the need for a referral to another medical institution would help me gauge if I will afford services from the facility (Bryan W., 2011 pg 132).

In conclusion, the ideal healthcare facility that I would be glad to contact for this case is one that is absolutely dedicated to patient care. Besides, I would prefer a clinical pharmacist to treat my patient as they have relatively more profound knowledge of drugs. These together with the cost of treatment will suffice my pursuit for an appropriate medical facility (Bryan W., 2011 pg 32).


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