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Using Modern Drugs

The greatest challenge to effective mitigation of these infections is the antibiotic resistance that the causative agents have developed over time. In fact, this makes them a threat to people outside the hospital who have properly functioning immune systems. In light of this, the comprehensive preventive projects that are adopted for any hospital should also focus on using modern drugs that are less prone to resistance. According to interviews conducted in several hospitals in the United States, medical personnel conceded that they often found it difficult to wear their protective devices continuously within the hospitals (Garner22). Even if they did, there still occurs a slight lapse, like tearing of the garments that would put them at risk of contacting infections. The major problem is the selection of the level of protection for every hazard. In most cases, medical personnel cannot anticipate the kind of hazard that they are going to expose themselves to. Thus, the devices that they wear are only for general protection and not for any specific hazards (Damani 41). For instance, one could get respiratory infections when the devices they have are mainly suited for protection against skin infections. The other factor that is cited by medical practitioners is the fact that infections can be carried on the devices themselves. Ideally, it is impossible that nurses would wear different attires whenever they visit every new patient. This technically implies that the bacterial agents entrapped on their attires at one point will be transported to another point, thereby spreading nosocomial infections. This is how desperate the situation gets (Vincent 91).

In conclusion, the research would seek to determine how each of the players in a hospital set up is involved in the transmission of nosocomial infections. In addition, it will demonstrate how, professional negligence with regards to wearing protective devices has contributed to the current levels of nosocomial infections. Thus, it will propose that comprehensive preventive projects in that would prevent patients from further infections.

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