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Vitamin D

The machinery by which the vitamin D consumption can affect the chances of type 2 diabetes is not well defined. Both impaired the pancreatic β-cell functions and insulin resistance has been reported with the vitamin D deficiency. The main function of the vitamin D is enabling intestinal calcium absorption. As such, inadequate calcium absorption may be the culprit mechanism for the perceived associations in the study, either due to vitamin D insufficiency or low calcium consumption. This proposition is further supported by data demonstrating that calcium is indispensable in normalizing glucose intolerance, as a result of vitamin D deficiency.

After adjusting for numerous latent confounders, there was no involvement between the total vitamin D consumption and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Nevertheless, the relative risk (RR) of type 2 diabetes was lower in women who had a high intake of vitamin D and calcium as compared to their counterparts who had less consumption. The outcome of this large prospective research suggests a possible, beneficial role for both calcium consumption and vitamin D in curtailing the hazard of type 2 diabetes.

Since diabetes mellitus type two is mainly a result of poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle choices, a couple of methods have been brought forward for its management and prevention. These include regular anaerobic exercise, weight reduction and managing blood sugar.


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