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All My Sons

The action in the play, All My Sons, by Arthur Miller happens in 1947, in the Midwest of the United States of America. Miller brings on Joe Keller, the main character, as a person who loves his family and has sacrificed everything to make his family happy and successful.

Arthur miller, the playwrite uses imagery and symbolism to characterize Larry. Larry does not appear on stage, but he has a fundamental effect to events and people in the play. Arthur used items that reminded people of the presence of Larry. The omnipresence miller has created for Larry profoundly affects Chris especially in Act one. Keller and his wife openly show that they favored Larry to Chris over their business ideologies. In the third Act, Larry resurfaces again through his letter to Ann. The hope that that Larry will come back still lingers on the mind of Kate Keller. Kate also dreams of Larry only to find the tree planted in memory of Larry broken. Larry helps to make confess and repent his actions in the last minutes of the play (Bigsby 78).

Arthur miller used the theoretical device of the letter to make an automatic come back of Larry in to the play after his death. The contents of the letter make it work well in the play. Ann uses the letter to convince Kate that Larry, her son, had died and could never come back. Ann uses the letter to justify her marriage with Chris because they were worried of the way Kate would take the whole issue. The letter shows that Larry had flown in one of the aeroplanes that crashed. The letter that Larry wrote changed the events in the play, to a certain extent (Bigsby 79).

In conclusion, Arthur miller wrote a play that showed the sour relationship and conflicts in Keller’s family, despite the fact that he did not want to bring up the relationship that existed in that family. Larry contributes to the events in the play through his latter and symbolic presence.


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