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Blanche Dubois

American literature is any written or literary work produced within the territories of the United States and its preceding colonies. This literature has greatly changed over time. In the earlier times, such as the Elizabethan times, the major framework and basis of literature was mainly morals, which is man's relation to God, and ethics, which represents man's relation to other men. In recent times, this has changed and literature is now individualistic and self-centred. Despite this change, the form and genres of literature have just remained unchanged including films, novels, comic books, drama, poetry and many more. This is evidenced by the drama which we see in various theatres always in the same way as it was in the past.

Blanche Dubois goes to her sister, Stella Kowalski's apartment since she has been fired from her job as an English teacher for having an affair with a 17-year-old student. However, she lies to her sister that she has been given some time off by her supervisor. This and other problems made her escape Laurel. Blanche always avoids the light since she is trying to hide from her past which is really unpleasant. She wanted to make life appear as it should rather than the way it is. She also refuses to tell her suitor, Mitch, her real age to prevent him from seeing the reality of her fading beauty. Blanche’s inability to put up with light symbolizes her grasp on the real life coming to its end. Moreover, through her insignificant sexual affairs with some other men, Blanche experiences only grim light. Bright light,n the other hand , represents her sexual innocence, when poor light symbolizes her sexual maturity and disappointment.


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