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Class Matters by Angela Whitiker Climb presents a unique series of reports examining social class in the U.S.A and published in 2005 by the New York Times. The compilation of Class Matters presents experiences of challenges of different individuals in the American society. It opens up class inequalities in American society, giving typical examples of how issues such as poverty, education, income, single parenthood immensely contribute to creation of class distinctions. Different people struggle to be integrated in the society while seeking emancipation from existing differences. One of the overriding propositions argues that, although class consciousness seems to be fading away, class continues to be a major impetus in the American society. On the challenges of single parenthood, Ms.Whitiker narrates her own story on how she struggled with her family of six but later circumstantially gains economic stability.

The situation of Ms.Whitiker, a single mother presents us with a very rare case more so because of the perceptions held by the society. Contrary to the believe held by the sociologists that an individual requires twin pillars to succeed; that is social and human capital, she maneuvers through and makes it in life without the two major prerequisites. The issues revolving around the success of the single mother are quite phenomenal. For instance, she struggles from being a drug addict to a middle-class nurse. At the end of the day, she acts as a model of success to the society. Experts term her as an ‘object lesson’. In addition, the society will ultimately benefit from her success and her children will not be a burden to the society. Furthermore, the next generation is expected to be better than now.

Information from this source can be used to encourage the single mothers to exploit their full potential and cease from following the perceived normality by the society. For example, Ms.Whitiker in this case is a source of inspiration on what the women can do without husbands. Marriage can be crucial for attainment of goals and reduction of poverty but it’s not always exclusively enough. Education as brought out in this case shows that it can be a significant avenue to empowering the women who are not in marriage institutions and who seem to have lost hope in life. There is also an inspiration from the author that poverty is not a legal barrier to economic success. We can also understand that handwork is a royal road leading one out of poverty.


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