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Directors on Broadway

Revivals are production earlier produced performed arts such as plays and musicals. Normally the revivals involves new productions of old plays and musical that have been absent from theaters for long periods. Their production afresh therefore serves as reawakening the forgotten performed arts. Movicals are musical performances that are produced from released movies. Movicals were introduced in theaters in the 1950s with popular movies of that era being produced and performed before of live audiences in the theaters. Jukebox musicals are film or stage musicals that are produced from the song that are already released and popular. For specific music to qualify as jukebox musical the original must have been written and released by a popular artist or group. Alternatively cover songs by popular groups and artists can also qualify to be produced as jukebox musicals. The jukebox musicals are produced in dramatic plots or bibliographical stories about the groups or artist that did the original music.

Revivals, Movicals and jukebox musicals are all alike in that they are based on performance arts that have already been produced. They can therefore be argued to lack originality but, their productions are largely based on popular earlier productions.

Directors on Broadway are responsible for the managerial tasks of a production. Their roles includes making decisions on the productions setting choosing the protagonist for their productions arranging the scenes deciding what is to be added or removed from the scrip in a productions such as roles, music ,costumes and actors among other responsibilities. Directors are also responsible for choosing the scrip for the production and deciding what to cast in the production. Choreographers on the other hand are individuals who are tasked with production of dances in a production. They create movements, steps or original dances. They are also responsible for auditioning the performers and teaching those who qualify the movements that should be performed and conduct rehearsals. Additionally they are responsible for making new interpretations the old performances and teaching the performers the new meanings. To qualify as a choreographer an individual must be well versed with dancing techniques, songs, drama costumers and dancing arrangements including productions arrangement. This therefore means for one to be considered successful one should be familiar with all forms of music and dancing techniques to have the capability of choreographing a wide range of performances. Off Broadway performers are represented by actors’ equity which has strict rules on the payments that the actors should receive and the period the shows should run including rehearsal times. Unlike Broadway productions, where most of production decisions including payments and rehearsals are depended on a management specific productions. Off Broadway shows are however not eligible for tony awards and mostly only professional actors are casted in the shows. The main difference between the two is that directors are in charge of the whole production while choreographers mainly work on movements. They therefore work under directors in their specific productions.


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