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Friends' Comparison

Friend I. This person is a caring and kind-hearted man. He is responsible, since he completes every task assigned to him. This person is also determined and courageous. When told to find out about something, he gets the enquiry even if he has to ask senior people. It is known that teenagers often avoid communicating with adults.

This friend is tall, brown and slim. He is handsome, with black hair and brown eyes. Mostly, he wears casual clothes at school. When invited to an office, he dresses himself in official clothes. He is always happy, but sometimes he gets annoyed when mistreated. He likes joking and sympathizes those in trouble. He is always concerned with problems of others. He is a person of principles who rarely changes his believes under influence.

Friend II: He is a caring man who shows much attention to everybody, even strangers. This person is responsible and takes cares of all tasks with determination. He is short, brown and huge. He weighs 80 kg and has 130 centimeters in height. The man is always happy and smiles a lot. He has a good sense of humour and likes to joke. He is a man of his word and keeps all the promises he makes. It is difficult to persuade this friend. He is not an easy-going person.

Except for similarities, friends often have little difference. These two friends have some features in common. They are both loving and caring, determined and responsible. They keep their words and always sympathize with those in trouble, as well as try to find ways of assisting. They are cheerful and like joking. Despite of their similarities, they have differences. Their appearance is not the same. Friend I is tall, while friend II is short. Friend I can easily get annoyed when mistreated, and Friend II is always happy.


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