Free «Gloria Anzaldua» UK Essay Sample

Gloria Anzaldua

In this poem Anzaldúa represents the border itself and uses both Spanish and English in the same sentence and different forms of expression. In the poem Anzaldúa uses a hybrid work that makes her poem interesting, hence having a greater impact to the reader. The thesis of the poem is a mixture of different cultures, races and languages that creates a new culture. The author narrates the pride she has in her culture and talks about how she feels for having an identity derived from different cultures. She explains that she is a migrant and a part of her identity is a Latina. The narrator was raised between various cultures, she was born and raised in Chicano and educated in Anglo (Anzaldúa, 1). The narrator demonstrates the pride she has in her heritage. Her culture required from her to conform the community but she was unable to do so. Moreover, in the poem she condemns a culture that does not seem to be understood due to the fact that there are differences in culture. Therefore, she wants readers to understand how to live with diverse cultures.

In the poem Anzaldúa describes the blending of races and states that she does not understand exactly which race she fits in or belongs to. The format she uses in her poem justifies the title To Live in the Borderlands Means You (Anzaldúa, 1). She describes how an individual living in the borderland may have a new identity due to the blending of different races. She wants the reader to understand that those who are living on the borderland have a different culture due to the blending. This blend makes individuals including her to have a feeling of being out of place in the society. She compares her life as an individual who has lived in the borderlands and explains that those who live in the new culture are blended by different races and cultures.

The narrator claims that when different cultures live together in a common region, the interaction of these races and cultures creates a new culture. According to her, living in the borderlands refers to adopting different cultures (Anzaldúa, 1). For instance, she uses food to symbolize the mixing of cultures. The foods she describes come from different places and cultures, but are consumed together in the borderlands, just as the cultures that have lived on the borderlands for generations have interacted and led to a new culture separated from the individual groups of people who have settled there. The narrator makes it clear that there is no problem with being multicultural but it is necessary to encourage bonding with one another. However, the problem here is that many people identify themselves according their race, culture and social class. Anzaldúa argues that people should understand one another and live in a harmony by accepting the differences in culture.

To conclude, this poem describes the convergence of various cultures and the quest of individuals blended by different cultures to search for identity. The poem’s theme in that blending of many cultures, races and languages leads to a new culture and individuals, who live in the borderlands, want to be accepted in the society in the way they are. Therefore, the message the narrator tries to put forth is that all her identities and their parts make her identity.


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