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Issues in Nursing

In Italy, most nurses are not empowered in terms of performance. Scarcity of economic resources in the current society has resulted into shortage of nurses in Italy. Something should be done to empower the nurses to optimize the skills and expertise. This will help to increase job satisfaction. The exploratory study shows that approximately 64 % of nurses are affected by these factors. This change will help to revitalize the morale of nurses and therefore be in a position to improve their service delivery.

Satisfaction in nursing in the context of shortage.

In the context of shortage, payments and benefits have been increased as the need to retain the experienced nurses has been reached. Nurses have been given rewarding for the interest of maintaining them. The proposed change is supported in that process of recruitment and retention must be addressed.

State of the registered nurse workforce in the United States.

The state of registered nurses in the United States has been eased through addressing the issue of shortage of nurses as a result of national survey conducted in 2002. However, there is still a high demand for nurses (Cheraghi et al, 2005). To encourage the increase in number of registered nurses, the government has come up with strategies such as improving the working environment, rising the earning as well as recruiting more nurses. This article provides statistical analysis of the shortage of nurses for given period of time through different surveys. The article gives some of the reasons of increased mortality such as patients waiting for surgery, tests and delayed discharge of patients (Anoosheh et al, 2008). Incidence rate has increased due to shortage of nurses. The article supports the proposed change of increasing the number of registered nurses in the United States.

Decreasing nurse staffing costs in  hospital settings: development and support of core staff stability.

The welfare of the nurses should be developed in order to encourage new graduates to join the profession. The hospital setting should also be improved. The proposed change can only be achieved if the working environment of the staff is addressed.

Issues in nursing. Mandatory nurse/patient ratios: a good idea or not?

One major issue leading to shortage of nurses is the increasing demand of health care services. Thus, it is important to increase the number of nurses compared to the demand of the services. The article supports the fact that change can be achieved by recruiting more nurses.

Patients’ safety: a shared responsibility.

Patients’ safety is essential in ensuring quality of nursing care. The main challenges experienced are due to flaws in the basic nursing system. Various stakeholders are responsible for ensuring that the patient is safe and no harm can occur to such patients. The article provides statistical information demonstrating the gravity of the issue. For instance, 28 percent of patients suffer from medical reactions, 20 percent suffer adverse effects and about 10 to 30 percent of laboratory tests are not done properly and are classified as normal (Cronenwett, 2002). Inadequate patients’ safety results in rise in mortality. This article supports the proposed change in that all people involved in health care should promote the safety of patient to combat the resultant effects.


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