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Joyce Carol Oates

The short fiction as presented by Joyce Carol Oates is a clear indication of the extent of inclusiveness to the direction of familiarity that men as well as women usually suffer disregarding whether they are poor or affluent. The stories have the indication of teenage girls who have been made to behave in a submissive manner and also indicate their vulnerability to the male attacks at the time that they attempt to leave their homes. All the young women faces significant difficulties at the time that they attempt to give a definition to themselves at the time that they admire to be defined and they encounters violence. The social context has got a perspective of feminist movement that has been a source of a very potent influence to the fiction of Oate (Oates, 176).

The writings of Joyce Carol Oates identify the connection existing between the men and women which are indicated by unlocking of the door for the man to gain entry. In some cases, women find themselves opening their way to men and although this risky undertaking and in some cases such risks are usually necessary. According to the indications of Joyce Carol Oates, women are in most cases trapped in relationships of marriage. An important factor in the lives of the females relates to their socialization coupled with objectification, their relationships with their parents, their children, their husbands their sexuality as well as their physiology (Oates, 176).

Apart from being hostile to the male, the attention of the feminists to gender has a general requirement of both the sexes to transform their destructive behaviors. It is important to account for the gender roles which the writer successfully transforms with the use of narrative.

To arrive at the concepts relating to the relationship between females and males, conducting a research has been imperative. The research that was conducted involved the use of different approaches to gather the existing information on the perceptions of different people with regard to the relationships of males and females.

This section spells out the procedures and the methods that the researcher can employ in achieving the objectives of investigation of the relationship between females and males. It defines location of the study, research procedures and analysis plan that would be put in consideration when carrying out this particular research. The research is supposed to start with the clear understanding of the research objectives as well as the hypothesis. Success of the project will depend on the provision of satisfying information in line with the objectives and hypothesis in relation to the relationship between females and males.

The objective of the research just as a recap is to identify the relationship between females and males. It is important to note here that this research was mainly based on the questionnaire even though other research methodologies were briefly discussed.

Primary research is the collection of data that does not exist. This can be through numerous forms: including questionnaires, telephone conversations, surveys, etc. As pertained to this project, the primary sources would likely be social settings that were identified to give important information on the relationship between females and males. The major merit with conducting primary research is that it accurate. However, the disadvantage of primary research is that it may be time consuming, as it involves dealing with people from various regions, the human sources may only become resourceful out of their own willingness, and this may take them quit sometimes before making up their minds to tell you what they know or give you their side stories about your questions.

Secondary research on the other hand is the collection of existing data, that is, in contrast to primary research. For example: research on experiments or specific subjects. The merit of secondary research is that it’s not time consuming however a disadvantage is that the information retrieved may not be relevant.

Use of research tools such as questionnaires, interviews, relevant journals, periodicals and data sampling and machines would be utilized in the process conducting the interview. Experts would be needed to conduct the research (Greene, 87).

The research approach that was found to be most applicable in the determination of the relationship between the females and males was conducting a survey. This was based on the fact that survey was found to be an important research strategy that has popularity in conducting this research. Conducting Surveys in this situation allow the collection of a large amount of data from a large population .This implies that the researcher can conduct surveys and question specific groups of people to obtain large amount of information relevant to the subject of the survey that reflects a greater representation of the opinions of the people. The data was collected from the people via questionnaire or orally. The purpose of the survey was to establish and analyze views of respondents with regard to the relationship between the females and males in order to find what they think about particular situation, case or statement. However, despite the fact that the views from a large number of respondents can be gathered through the survey strategy, the data obtained might not all reflect to the objective of the research at depth (Clemons, 72-74).

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In implementing the activities, both the quantitative and qualitative approaches should be considered, where by qualitative data are those that would be based on the spoken words while the quantitative data would be generated from the overall data collected based of accuracy and efficiency The research project was scheduled to run for a period of one year and a few Months within the relationship between females and males would be put under scrutiny and rigorous investigations to ascertain the objectives of the research (Gallop, 56).


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