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Love is a feeling of strong affection to and personal attachment. It is also seen as a virtue representation of all human compassion, kindness and affection as defined in philosophical context. In religions, love is seen as the central backbone especially in Christians who view God as love (Agape). However, love may as well be described as oneself or actions towards other people based on compassion and affection respectively. Love also refers to various feelings, attitudes and states that range from generic pleasure like loving a meal or a cloth to strong interpersonal attraction such as loving a partner. It can be said to be a passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love to sexual love to platonic love that describes friendship to emotional closeness of familial love. The combination of all these uses and meanings of love makes it unique and very hard to come up with a precise definition even if it is in comparison to other emotional states. The ultimate aim of this paper is to critically examine love as a passionate desire and intimacy as it is brought out it different movies and novels but mainly in the Pride and Prejudice. Others include Tales of Love by Julia Kristeva, Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and A room with a view.

Love in Pride and Prejudice

The novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen talks about several instances of love and intimacy relationships. In fact the whole context revolves around love and relationships. The first instance of love and intimacy is seen between Mr. Bingley and Jane, Elizabeth’s older sister. At first Jane was not showing her affection to Mr. Bingley openly and this made Charlotte the best friend of Elizabeth to inform her to talk about the issue to her sister though Jane was quite shy and modest. She did not inform her the massage from Charlotte but Jane once paid a visit to Bingley’s mansion though when she was still on her way the rain started and she got ill and was forced to stay at Netherfield for some days (Southam, 13). The relationship was not that intimate since the two took quite along time to let each of them know the mind and affection of the other. However, at later stages, the love is seen growing and becoming more affectionate as they became very close to each other. It came out officially that the two were in love and were very intimate. Mr. Bennet later announced that the two were going to marry and they eventually got married and became husband and wife.

The other love relationship was between Darcy and Elizabeth who were at first crucial and very close friends. Their love came about when they spent most of the time together as friends before Elizabeth felt affectionate for Darcy who also felt the same and started avoiding Wickham whom they were in love at first. Wickham tried to discourage Elizabeth concerning her affectionate for Darcy by telling her that Darcy was v a very proud man and he seriously mistreated her but Elizabeth ignore her faint reasons to dislike him. The affection that built up slowly in Darcy concerning Elizabeth made him to draw very close to her. In later stages, the love and intimacy between them came out very strongly. Miss Bingley was very spiteful and nasty about the intimacy between Darcy and Elizabeth as she had also been pursuing Darcy.

There was a slight interruption of the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth when Collins, who was had been ordained as a clergyman came in to stay with the Bennets family (Southam, 48). At first, Elizabeth was surprised by his pedantic and self-important behavior. He later decided that he wanted to marry from the Bennets family; one of Mr. Bennet’s sisters. he was font of Jane but Mrs. Bennet informed him that she was already engaged to Mr. Bingley and he later riderects his attention to Elizabeth. The bad behaviors of Collins came out at a ball given by Bingley at Netherfield when he embarrassed Elizabeth after disgusting Darcy displaying his poor manners. However, the love between Darcy and Elizabeth was not shaken or altered by the poor manners displayed by Collins instead it became intimate when Elizabeth renewed her teasing project on Darcy and the admiration of Darcy on her also grew strong. However, Elizabeth thought of how Darcy had tried to separate her sister Jane and Bingley as well as the mistreatment that he had done on Wickham and then decided not to turn down his proposal for marriage. After several ups and downs that the two underwent in their love, they eventually got married after Darcy wrote Elizabeth a letter to inform her everything concerning him and his actions.

The other relationship that though came out funny was between Wickham and Lydia. It was known at first that Wickham had eloped with Lydia and this brought out a lot of issues that settled later when the two announced that they were going to get married. They eventually married with a stunning wedding where Darcy attended and enjoyed the event. In fact, they married before Darcy and Elizabeth did (Southam, 67). Therefore, there is no doubt that love and affection in the novel Pride and Prejudice was very strong and revolved around the whole novel. This was very strong relationships that even though they faced a lot of challenges especially between Elizabeth and Darcy, they all ended up getting married proving how their love was strong. Therefore, it is clear that love in many forms acts as the main facilitator of interpersonal relationships.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is a novel that is sometimes considered the best romantic and young love novel because it portrays a very strong passionate and affectionate love that is very romantic and intimate. Romeo and Juliet have been seen as the most symbolic and representation of young lovers and doomed love. When Romeo and Juliet first meet, they use the metaphor form of communication. Romeo was able of testing the feelings of Juliet using the metaphors of saints and sins in a non-threatening way. Juliet on the other hand had already become font of him and thus expounds on the metaphors that Romeo had used. Their romantic moments were highly motivated by the religious metaphors of saint, shrine and pilgrim which were fashionable in poetry during the days of Shakespeare (Levenson, 32). This is because the sainthood concept was highly implemented by the Catholics in earlier age. The love between Romeo and Juliet was very intimate and full of romantic moments proving that it was a passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love and to some extend sexual love because there are some instances when the two were seen on bed sleeping together and having romantic moments.

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The two lovers broke all the rules of courtship and the dating process as they were talking and discussing about their relationship after skipping a lengthy part of wooing, they developed an agreement of getting married after knowing each other for only one night. The love between Romeo and Juliet seemed to be expressing religion of love since it states that people who die to be with their lovers are joined with them in paradise (Levenson, 43). This is so because eventually Juliet died by pricking herself with Rome’s dagger. Therefore, this was a different kind of love and affection because the desire developed very quickly and they made the marriage decision without knowing each other well through courtship.

A room with a view

A room with a view is a film that talks about Miss Lucy Honeychurch who went to Italy with her older cousin, Charlotte for holidays (Ivory, 12). They then met with Mr. Emerson and his son George both English but also in Italy. Lucy on her journey to maturity found herself fond of George. At one time, George embraced and kisses Lucy passionately as she approached him to ask a question in a barley field. Charlotte saw the action and stopped it but from there henceforth, Lucy began secret desire and romance in her heart. However, when Lucy went back to England she forget about the incident and accepted a marriage proposal from Cecil Vyse, a wealthy man as she had assumed she will never meet George (Ivory, 22). Later on, she noticed that George and his father had moved from Italy and were her neighbor in her village and that appearance disrupted marriage plans and left her in a dilemma. Later, George and the father thought it was wise to move to another open place that was quite better than the village. She also made plans to move away from Windy corner by yearning the antics of her brother, Freddy. However, before she moved away for independent adventure, she eloped away with George to Florence.

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The book talks about western love as Kristeva links the theory of love with psychoanalysis where she argues that most of the love theory stories can be read from Plato, Narcissus and in Bible or from romantic love stories like Don Juan and Romeo and Juliet. Kristeva discusses the issues concerning love but she links them theories of psychoanalysis (Kristeva, 42). Her main point is to bring out how western love has enable people to think about western love. According to her, western love is a very passionate and affectionate full of romantic moments and emotions. It also involves sex and other intimate actions like kisses. Most of the time it leads to marriages but it usually involves courtship.

Love is a passionate and affectionate moment between two people especially of opposite sex who are intimate. Most of the love relationships discussed in the above novels and film are all romantic and they mostly lead to marriage though in Romeo and Juliet there was no courtship while the others engaged knowing each other well and sometimes courtship. Note that love is has psychological importance especially in creative arts.


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