Free «The Development of Slums» UK Essay Sample

The Development of Slums

Poverty deprives human beings of their dignity. When a man is forced to live like an animal, soon, he begins to act like one. Poverty is a multifaceted problem, which means that it adversely affects the behavior and mental state of individuals. In respect to this, people living in slums are exposed to many harsh conditions like hunger, sickness, hopelessness, and violence. These life conditions constitute a breeding ground for criminals to engage in antisocial activities in an attempt to make ends meet.

Poor people’s living in slums also affects their psychological and mental thinking capacity. It is in a slum where insecurity, fear, and desperation develop, which results in criminal activities. It is believed that terrorism and other societal evils are also as a result of poverty.

Poverty and prostitution

In the book, poverty has also led women into prostitution. Although most governments have prohibited prostitution, it is widespread in many nations suffering from poverty.  According to experts, many women become victims of human trafficking and eventually end up as prostitutes to survive. Unemployment and devastating levels of poverty have forced people to indulge in antisocial doings.                  

Women are significantly affected by this situation. Most of them find prostitution as an easy way out of poverty. These women have probably unsuccessfully looked for employment, while others and come from rural areas in search for better opportunities. Indeed, poverty in rural areas leads people to introducing their daughters to prostitution.


Poverty is a cause of certain crimes in a society where individuals commit crimes as a means of survival. The frustrations that are accompanied by lack of dignity lead people to crime. Furthermore, poverty is a state that makes crime rates in a country increase. This can be explained by the fact that every man has needs and when they are not met, he opts for finding unconventional ways to meet them. Some of these unconventional ways could be grave as double murder, as we see in the case of Rodion Raskolnikov.


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