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The Last Time

The sun was almost red as the sunset approached. They drove along the rocky coastline when Katie turned her head to John and smiled:

‘Please, stop the car here’, she said.

‘Katie, darling, I can’t do that here, I am sorry’, John replied with deep surprise in his voice. He was shocked as Katie had never been so strange before. ‘What is wrong with you tonight?’

Then suddenly she started crying. John quickly rushed to the first lot where he could possible park the car so that he car did not interfere with other cars on this narrow road. They were just overtaking a mountain, and the view from the top was magnificent. But the road was very narrow, and it was dangerous to park the car at the edge.

John knew that if she cried there had to be a solid reason for that. Katie was a strong woman, and she almost never cried. Suddenly he felt so much tenderness towards her. He hugged Katie with all the love he could possible give to her at that moment. And then, as Katie felt his emotions, she explained:

‘I just want to have this best last sunset with you tonight. There will be no more sunsets for us anymore’.

‘Are you getting married tomorrow?’ he asked. John was lost in words, he did not know what to say. ‘But how –’

‘I don’t love Chris at all. And I know that I will never love him in the future. But it isn’t about love. Because I love you, and you will always have my heart’, Katie said. She tried to make her voice as calm as possible, but she started trembling as she felt that John stopped hugging her.

‘Then why are you doing this?’ John asked, ‘You don’t have to, because you know that you will always have me and my love’.

‘Your love is magnetic and wonderful, but if I marry you, we will never be happy’, Katie managed to say lightly, ‘Please, understand this. But I do love you with all my heart’.

John was more than just frustrated. His life was finished, and he did not know what to say. He loved Katie, and if that was her choice, he did not want to convince her anymore. ‘Let us enjoy our last time together’, he said.

She smiled to him, and they sad there in the car looking at the ocean and the sunset, enjoying their last time together. They dreamt a lot about their future, and all their dreams were surprisingly very positive.

‘What if she does not marry him? What if she changes her mind and realizes that I am a better man?’ He still could not believe that the love of his life was going away so fast. And he wanted to have children. Now he realized that his life will not be life but existence without her. John knew that he would never ever fall in love with someone again. Perhaps, one of the reasons was that he could not trust a woman anymore.

Katie did not tell John the true reason she was getting married. She gave a promise that she would never tell. And the secrets had to all remain with her. Like all women of her young age, she felt optimistic and determined. Katie knew that marrying Chris would be the only choice she has to keep the love of her life safe. But she could not enjoy this last time together as she wasn’t really open with John. And he was the closest person in her life since her parents died in a car accident three years ago.

Everything in life has its last time. But the feelings don’t die even when we tell them to. There are no last times for true love. There may be temporary last times for lovers seeing each other, but these times only make them want to be together. Even if being together means that someone would be in danger.

Katie closed her heart that night and never opened again. John went away with a shallow hope of seeing her again one day. But the life of both people was ruined since that moment, and their dreams were all dead since then.

The next morning found Katie crying in her bed. She almost never cried, but that was a special occasion: she was getting married. Chris belonged to a very rich family, and many people talked that Katie married Chris for money. But there was another reason which was closer to truth: Chris wanted Katie so desperately that she blackmailed her. If Katie did not marry Chris, John will be killed.

Chris was one of those rich guys who just get what they want not thinking about the circumstances. He did not know that true love always finds room in the most difficult situations, and that it is impossible to force someone love you. Even if he took Katie’s promise to keep their agreement secret, his actions poisoned their future together.

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The smell of poison almost filled the wedding decoration. Right from the moment of their last kiss with John, Katie has made up her mind to get rid of Chris with all means available, even if getting rid means killing him. She kept her promise to herself by putting a capsule of cyanide in her mouth. She was prepared to fight for her happiness with John. And Chris was the only hindrance. She remembered that phrase from yesterday ‘our love is magnetic’. Well, then like all magnets it will finally get two lovers together.

This is what Katie thought when she heard the priest asking her if she was sure about that. ‘Yes’, Katie said. And there she stood in her wonderful wedding dress, remembering that last time with John and waited for ‘You can now kiss the bride’. And smiled.

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