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The Literature

Literature is an expression used to explain materials that are spoken or written. It is used to describe anything that is transformed from creative writing to more practical or systematic works, and most of these works are of the imagination that is creative. This could include works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama. Therefore, literature is a clear representation of people or a language: identified culture and tradition. The importance of literature is the fact that it plays a role of introducing human beings us to new collections of experiences, which can be found enjoying different stories, comedies and the existing tragedies of plays and plays (McMahan, Day & Funk, 150).

Writing process has always been considered to be a key concept in the overall teaching of the writing, and also used in composition studies as a research concept. The following is an outline of writing process stages:


This is the initial stage of the writing process that refers to coming up with an overall idea of writing, and it is a stage that should be full of inspiration. Once the idea has been generated, then one needs to build on it, and this can be achieved through free writing and or brainstorming. After everything has been brought together, planning and structuring the idea should be incorporated before written into a draft. In this case, there pieces of the writing that should have more planning, and this could be pieces that are longer.


This is a stage where one has to down and come out with a draft of the writing, and aspects like spelling, word-count, punctuation, and grammar are not of much focus, as one has to keep on writing. There are issues that a person should put in consideration when coming up with a draft:

  • Setting time for concentration
  • Finding a place that has no interruptions
  • Disconnecting all disturbing programs

This is a process of initiating changes within the draft. It could involve removing part of the sections, rewriting the entire sections, and or adding other information that may be of importance. This is a stage that is sometime referred to as A.R.R.R. approach, which is a short form of Adding, Rearranging, Removing, and Replacing.


This is a stage that is carried out after revising the document, and it involvesthe close-up view of individual words and sentences within the document. One has to go through the document line by line to make sure that each word, phrase, and sentence. Therefore, this is a point where all mistakes within the document should be identified out, and better solutions replaced where possible.


This is a final writing process step, and it involves the process of submitting the final document that has gone through all the above named steps to the editor so that it can be published and taken to the market for sell. It not always guaranteed that any piece of work written will be published, as there are cases where some items are rejected (McMahan, Day & Funk, 165). This should not be a case of someone saying the energies of writing have been wasted, because every bit of the work written normally contributes to the overall growth of a person as a writer.


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