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The Southern Fiction

The southern fiction focuses on the family, religion, community on one’s life, use of the southern dialect, and a strong sense of place among others. In Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire, the issue of family and community impact on one’s personal and social life have been strongly emphasized. Blanche’s sister seems to care so much about her sister that she dares to accommodate her in the family’s apartment at the expense of her marriage with Stanley Kowalski. In addition, the two sisters were no longer in good terms. The issue of family is also dealt with in the play when Blanche explains that she lost their ancestral home, Belle Reve, following the death of their remaining relatives. The aspect of the community’s role in one’s life is brought out clearly as the people around Blanche seem to be much concerned with her life, for example, Eunice, Stella, Mitch, and the doctor plan to take her to an insane asylum as they suspected that Blanche was getting mad.

In the prologue to Invisible Man, the narrator claims that he is invisible to other people who are always around him, especially the whites. He claims that his invisibility is not due to the biochemical process or some supernatural cause, but it happened because of the people's unwillingness to recognize him simply because he is black. Due to his invisibility, the narrator suffers partly from racist attitudes. For instance, when he met a tall man in the dark, the man said an insulting name to him. Also, the newspaper addresses the incident as mugging. All this clearly portrays the racism and metaphorical slavery he undergoes due to his black race that makes him invisible. Furthermore, as a result of his invisibility, other people have described the narrator's identity according to their own prejudices.


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