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Virgils The Aeneid

In the poem Aeneid, Aeneas the main character is stranded at the coast in North Africa where a juvenile Phoenician queen called Digo, a refugee, is busy constructing a city that was to grow, and be Carthage. The character Aeneas, who escaped death, was travelling searching for a new land towards the west that is Rome, where he will start a race whose fate is to govern the world peacefully. Unluckily, Juno, who is heaven’s queen, upsets Aeneas since Rome is ordained to demolish Carthage, her favorite city.

The actions and words of Aeneas are described in the poem. First, Aeneas acts as a protector of the race he belongs. This is revealed when he lifts Anchises and carries him using his back due to his obedience and affection. Aeneas also acts as a conscientious in following religious rituals. This is seen when he goes to his father to seek for guidance, despite his being a half-divine. Aeneas also acts as a magistrate and an administrator in his city, which is, established. He grows from an excellent son to an excellent leader. This is clearly seen during games when he appreciates by rewarding the smartest people.

The significance of Rome in the poem show human suffering especially Aeneas and his community. For instance, Dido is seen suffering within the first part of the poem suffers and Turnus too suffers in the end. This suffering is faced since the Rome is meant to conquer Carthage which is one of the best city of Juno, the heaven’s queen.

Augustus significance in the poem was to manipulate the pieta and the auctorial, which were the two principles that were valued by the people of Roman Empire. Aeneid which determine the effects which, Augustan actors caused on Virgil work and look whether its use was a unique feature in the roman principles. The political propaganda revealed is when Virgil lies about the great ancestor of Augustus before returning to find roman line. Virgil message about Augustus and the godly mission was a lie and fantasy. The poem was to praise the Roman Empire.


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