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“Walden Two”

“Walden two” is a fiction that brings out the idea of community in the Walden two society. The society comprises of about one thousand people who live together as one and have everything in common. The most important political ideas and themes that are stressed in this fiction are change and human behavior. As he explains to his visitors, Frazier, the founder of this society says that every activity in the society is controlled by change. They try everything that that which is found to be working out well is adopted. Unlike other communities, Walden two does not believe in political traditions or fixed constitutional ideas (Skinner 257). Thus every new idea that is adopted is for the better of the whole society. It also does not believe in wages yet people get everything free. Human behavior is the other theme/ idea that has been stressed. People in the society had self-discipline and self-control thus they always do the right thing at the right time (Feinberg and Shafer-Landau 446). No one forces them to work because they know the output is more rewarding that the input. The idea behind this is to ensure that there is justice and provision to all so that we do not have some living in wealth and others in poverty (Feinberg and Shafer-Landau 647).

The other social and economic issues that are illustrated in this fiction are how the children are bought up and how the populace is happy and contented with the kind of life they are living. There is no violence or crime, no pollution, and there is enough space for expansion since the place is not over-inhabited. This is contrary to the governments of that time when violence was the order of the day and very little was done to stop it (Skinner 291). Economically, Skinner talks of productivity in the society. The people do not lack what to eat yet there is no individual possession. Everything is stored together and is given freely to those who need (Skinner 41). Following the discontentment on almost everything that was happening in the society during the Second World War, Skinner decided to write this fiction as the way of life he wished to live.


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