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William  Gordon’s Novel

William Gordon’s novel the lord of the flies as been has been acted as a movie by several movie actors one of them being Dan Jardine. According to Dan Jording’s movie a cohort military school boys found themselves crushed in a plane on an isolated and deserted island, this school boys therefore has to survive on their own before they are rescued. The boys soon split into two groups, one of the victims by the name Ralph leads one group who believes in living as a society and tries to reorganize them while another group is led by his counterpart Jack who believes in hunting, survival of the fittest and war. In the beginning things moves on well, Ralph on his side is determined to bring the boys together and get things workout and eventually get his colleagues rescued from the deserted island, a rift soon surfaces as the group under the leadership of Jack who believes in hunting and war some assert themselves and no sooner there is a declaration of adolescent civil war. (Rosen,2003).

The two camps competes for the limited resources in the deserted island especially a knife and pieces of glasses to make fire. As the movie comes to a close, the war group on Jack’s side with their warring paint and spears emerges the dominant group, on the other side, the peace maker Ralph as only one follower left alive in his group that is piggy as others are eliminated as they are killed in the course of the war. As piggy is also finally killed by Jack and his warriors, Jack proclaims “ we got it made. No parents, no teachers, no Academy and no girls. (Allen 2008)

In the movie Lord of flies the character of Jack reflects the theory of John Stuart Mills of consequential Ethics or what is commonly known as Utilitarianism, his theory is based on the consequences or the results of ones action, therefore in the movie Lord of flies, we see Jack as a person who embraces war and doesn’t consider the outcome of the war which in the movie seen to destroy the lives of his colleagues he doesn’t do good to his friend whom he finds himself with in unfriendly environment but instead turns to fight them and even kill them. His actions are not therefore based on the greatest good for the greatest people. (Rosen,2003).

As Utilitarianism says that we must first consider the potential consequences of our actions and make a choice that will bring about the most happiness and pleasure a factor that was not given apriority by Jack according to his actions. According to the theory of categorical imperative or Deontological theory by Immanuel Kant based on the concept of duty, this theory is categorical in that it applies to all human beings and it is also imperative since no one is exempted. The theory focuses on the rational and Universal duty of a person to one’s self and to others, because we are rational people, therefore we obliged with a rational duty to perform. (Rosen,2003).

In the movie there is a scenario whereby Ralph is portrayed as a person with a rational duty to himself and to his colleagues this is seen whereby ones their plane crushes on the deserted island, he embarked on bringing his friends together and tries to workout a means of rescuing them out of the island and therefore performs rational duty by showing the greatest good to the greatest people. Jack on other side fails his duty of bringing his colleagues together hence lack the sense of rational duty and the greatest good for the greatest people, killing for example is a scenario that reduces the happiness of the people in this case therefore both Jack and Ralph in their different actions supports the theory of John Stuart Mills of Utilitarianism and that of Kant of categorical imperative. (Allen 2008)

The movie reflects how a society can be “disintegrated down in the wild” Piggy a naïve and weak is eventually killed despite his belief that “we did things the way grownup would have done. Why dint in work?” This scenario shows how Piggy embraced a national and universal duty when he says “we did things the way grownup could have done” this reflects Deontological and imperative theory by Immanuel Kant. Ralph on the other and finally is not able to hold steadfast to his sense of unity or being hopefully for his group or even the other group, it is seen that everyone defects to the way of the warlike jack and the meat of his groups achievement, in this scenario safety is removed and what people think is civilized convenience, therefore this actions of the characters in this movie especially Jack and some characters in Ralph’s group of compromising food with safety shows how Jack and his colleagues are insensitive of rational duty and great good for the great people. It therefore supports the Utilitarian theory by John Stuart Mills of categorical imperative. (Allen 2008).

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The fittest, the groups compete for assets present on the deserted island including knife and a glass to spark of fire this shows lack of rational duty of unity among themselves In the movie Lord of the flies, the two groups are embracing a scenario of the survival of the fittest, this shows lack of rational duty of unity they seem not have considered the consequences or the results of balkanization. This scenario therefore supports the Deontological theory which is based on the rational and universal duty and Utilitarian theory of doing greatest good to greatest people.


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