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Healthcare Series

The healthcare system in the US is characterized by various factors that are related to the public and private funding and establishment. Hence, it is not ruled by a single philosophy dilemma. In both the private and public areas, medical healthcare services are usually considered as high quality, although the system experiences its specific problems. The federal structure of the US is also a crucial factor that should be reflected in terms of improvements in the healthcare system and the current execution of the whole, as the 50 state administrations retain considerable control over healthcare policy. At present, marked changes can be prominent in how the government reacts to the federal mandate requiring them to set up exchanges (Lander, Shah, Li, Mahalingam-Dhingra, Smith, & Sorock, 2013).

Despite implementing considerable and needed reforms in the US healthcare system, the medical health services still have some weaknesses. First, despite the growth of coverage, 94% of analysis shows the decrease of full universality when matched to Great Britain and Switzerland healthcare systems and some challenging health care reform proposals. Second, it remains in question to what degree the US healthcare system will tackle cost inflation. The increase in access may challenge the “free-rider problem” in the US health care and rather reinforce risk emerging in the insurance market due to the existence of extra charged consumers (Lander et al., 2013). However, it is still questionable whether the possible risk in the new arguments will be big enough for considerable cost decreases, due to the imposition of the decision to cover the healthcare insurance costs.

Such problem persists despite available funds to defend the rights to medical treatment, top levels of health care expenses, and recurrent healthcare reform exertions. Meanwhile, social factors such as profits and setting significantly influence who gets the access to the quality health care. The medical treatment crisis unreasonably affects the underprivileged groups such as individuals living in poverty, people of race, and immigrants. However, the hurdles in gaining access to health care, the burden of health debt, and the lack of primary care sources affect the entire society, including those with employer-sponsored coverage insurance. The medical care crisis is the consequence of the privatization and modification of the American healthcare system that replicates market requirements and profit benefits that devalue social needs and equality.

The Japanese healthcare system has the evident valuable experience that can be used to improve the American medical care. I would choose the Japanese healthcare system because of its principles that can change the value of care for everyone in the US. Japan has outstanding hospitals and clinics, and it is the world’s leading nation in medical technology by providing highly technical healthcare support. The Japanese healthcare system offers free screening analyses of illnesses, prenatal care, and infection control. Both the local and national governments provide such healthcare. The expenses for personal health services are accessible through the insurance system and so called universal healthcare. Such system offers high equality of access, along with charges that are set by a specific government agency. In addition, Japan proposes a varied assortment of choices when somebody needs medical help. Even though there are several public and private clinics as well as hospitals, they have no “family-doctor” method (Hashimoto, Ikegami, Shibuya, Izumida, Noguchi, Yasunaga, & Reich, 2011). However, they have a system of the universal healthcare treatment. Therefore, the way, in which it applies to the individuals, will normally depend on the altering factors. Moreover, medical insurance is divided into wider categories: the national insurance and the employees’ insurance that is a social-based healthcare system. The membership in either of the systems is necessary. Furthermore, the coverage for healthcare costs differs in each system. As a number of emigrants in Japan rises, the country has increased its efforts to offer high-quality healthcare.

Thus, the healthcare system includes many factors that determine its quality; especially, it depends on the authoritative influence of medical insurance system. Fortunately, the positive experience of Japanese medical insurance system can be used to improve the US healthcare system.

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