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The song ‘Chiquititta’ by Abba is a song that was produced by the Polar/Universal records. It is a song that receives a lot of critique. This is because it is a song that everyone will enjoy to listen to, because of its musicianship and lyrics. The song has its arrangement well designed and its emotional contents well placed.

In the song the tempo is very soothing. In fact it is one that soothes the female soul more than it does to men. When it is sang you can tell that it considers the emotions of the female gender more. The guitar and the piano are combined in such a way that is exemplary and enticing to the female soul.

It expresses a jazzy feel and its instrumentation is very classy. Considering that it uses only two instruments- the piano and the guitar- its one very successful piece of artistry.

The femininity of the song and the use of powerful technique of instrumentation can be seen also in the song by Celine Dion, ‘Its all coming back to me now’. In this song, the instrumentation is used powerfully in the introduction. The well placed vocals that vary in intonation and pitch makes it even better. In fact Celine Dion uses her voice perfectly to show the world the power that women possess when it comes to portray love and emotion. The song generally makes one feel soothed and loved. It exposes the emotions of one in love.

The variance from Celine Dion’s piece of artistry to ‘Victor’ a song by Easteighteen is not much. In fact the instrumentation and the arrangement are one thing that matches. The song also has well elaborated emotions transmitted in different parts of the piece.

The song is a mature mix of perfectly expressed music feelings and ideas. The instrumentation is used genuinely to support the style and is effective in creation of a powerful musical environment. It is a song that is real and can make one feel strong and energetic. It can make you feel the emotions expressed.

However, the song is different from the other two. It lacks the portrayal of femininity that is present in ‘Chiquititta’ and ‘It’s all coming back to me now’ by Abba and Celine Dion respectively. Its instrumentation matches but the musical appeal to the audience is different. The song does not get as much mass appeal as the other two songs. Probably this may be because its instrumentation makes one yearn to listen to the song but its collectiveness as whole is not impressive. In fact, the chorus takes too long and shows up too late in the song. Also, there are too many verses and few choruses. In fact the choruses do not seem to be enough for the verses.

To conclude, it is imperative that the music typos have changed greatly. The change is from the pure and simplistic use of instrumentation, to the more complex and tiring use where a variety of instruments are used to express the emotions in a song. They vary from the jazzier feel to the energetic rock and techno fell of music. They move aside from the emotiveness of artistry to the masculine and energetic feel. The change from the old pieces such as the 1979 ‘Chiquititta’ to the 2008 modern piece ‘Various’ help in showing the shift from femininity to an all inclusive type of artistry.

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