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Bill Crow

The tale also provides instances of racial prejudice that musicians went through. In this original and vastly satisfying narration, Bill Crow offers an insight into the exceptional lifestyles of the music composers and performers who were the founders of jazz. A form of life so permissive as to be at times comical, also leads to scenes of substantial poignancy as alcohol and drugs overcame the great musicians involved in them. It hilariously offers readers with a remarkable feel for what the lives of jazz artists and musicians was. These insights are based on competition, camaraderie, the struggles over money, and the dreadful working conditions. It also has chapters that look at renowned jazz players like Charlie parker, Luis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington. There are many memorable stories in this book. Among these funny narrations in the book is that of Les Hite fire band group. Besides, the other part of the book provides that Jazz is exactly America's greatest role and gift to world culture and should be appreciated by all. It's advisable to remember that the music is not a colossal entity but rather an organic and vibrant thing that is produced from diverse and eccentric group of fine personalities. Bill Crow's book offers the reader with glimpses into such complex world like when Basie's band was France while Buddy Tate got the wrong translator (Crow 2005).

The book shows that during meetings by jazz musicians, these artists normally delight and share stories among them regarding great, or even remarkable, singers and players that they have worked with. Through this sharing, one good tale leads to another. Satirically through myth the book figuratively examines careers of renowned personalities with the narrations of seminal bands. It also offers readers with a remarkable feel for what the lives of jazz artists and musicians. I liked the book because of the content and how the story is organized and narrated. My preferred narration in the book is that of Bessie Smith who stormed out to confront a crowd of Klansmen who had gathered outside her tent where she was working.


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