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Blues and Country Lyrics

Blues and country lyrics are forms of music whose roots were in the American south. Blue’s themes expresses include earthly sexuality, problems of love, infidelity in marriages and conflict between lovers. Country music dealt with the problems of divorce, drink, marital problems and tragedy, mainly giving encouraging words to those affected. This explains why both country music and blues are said to express downheartedness. In spite of these similarities, they have some differences as I will discuss in this piece of work.

The expressive differences in these two types of lyrics can be explained from their origin as follows. Blues are a type of music that was initially done by African Americans. Country lyric were founded by European settlers. Blues involved experiences of the black minority and was developed according to their changing circumstances. They adapted to the city ghettos lifestyle and reflected the feelings and thoughts of black industrial proletariat. In contrast, country music hardly reacted to social change; it was influenced by the individualism of American pioneering period, rooted in the loser’s experience but deeply based on hard work and trust in God. Its typical feature was narrow-minded conservatism (Wicke & Fogg, 1990).While the country lyrics considers a wide range of subjects, blues only concentrate on love. Both country lyrics and blues were based on an aesthetic of sound that made emotional qualities be sensorily direct and immediately translatable in use of vocal expression; in blues by a physically expressive, broken singing style and in country music by a sharp rather nasal tone.

Most blue singers were exposed to the melismatic, free flowing type of music that was developed by black slaves commenting on the singers’ love life or work situations, and religious expression in their early life. This influenced them to adapt some of the emotional intensity, spiritual depth and emotional intensity of those songs in developing blues the reasons for this differences (Moore, 2002).this differences arose because of the following reasons;blues were composed due to the lifestyle in the city ghettos and found new means of expression there which reflected the thoughts and feelings of the black industrial proletariat and as rhytm,this answered the element of carefree pleasure wheareas country music didn’t react to any social change at was shaped by individualism of the American pioneering period but as based on losers experiences,nevertheless it was based on God and hardwork.

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