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Caloric Expenditure

Comparing the results of the two trials, with music and without music, analysis showed that when exercising with music the participants burned additional calories averaging to a 6.18% increase on top of the total 202.6 calories that the body burned during the second trial. However, less desirable results of a 190.8 caloric expenditure reading emerged from the first trial that saw the participants exercise without music. These results gave a better explanation to the effects of music during exercise where the results of the second experiment highlight that music is significantly fundamental during exercise. The incorporation of music in a gym or exercise setting motivates the exerciser to push a little harder and sustain the activity for a longer period than when they exercise without music. The tempo and music captures the attention of the exerciser and channels both their energy and stimulus to endurance during the exercise period rather than fatigue and detractive stimulus observed in most individuals who exercise without music (Castleton, 1998). This increased endurance in return ensures that the exerciser’s input remains either constant or gradually increases according to the tempo of the music. Hence the individuals who exercise with music will tend to burn, more calories, as opposed to their counterparts; who get fatigued and distracted and end up with less input into exercise or give up entirely. On the other hand, listening to music during exercise depending on the tempo of the music triggers the increased consumption of oxygen which contributes to increased levels of calories burned. This is because the adequacy of oxygen goes to ensure that the body strikes a balance between the cardiac output and intensity put in exercise, increasing the exercisers adherence to exercise meaning more calories burned (Shimomura et al, 1997). Therefore, there is need for exercise professionals to improve the conditions in an exercising environment; by including music in the exercise setting.


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