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Choice of My Musical Selection

The title of the music described herein is Mitridate, re di Ponto. It was composed by a poet and a musician by the name Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and it was recorded in 1770.

The performances of this music include many elements in the spoken theatre, which includes acting scenery, costumes, and even dancing. But the major part is instruments which gives a guide line to actors, actress and dancers on what to do at specific scenes and stages. The style of this music/ work is basically an opera that has entirely all styles and formats of the classical period music.

The medium of the music is an opera house, from where the music is performed. It involves many performers, large and many musical instruments and a large audience. Some of the instruments include the piano (which is being replaced by the keyboard), violin, quintet, duet, viola e.t.c. Sometimes it can be played in private occasions e.g. the royal family palace. This piece is accompanied by some orchestra or some smaller music ensemble.

Comments and description

This style of work/music began in Italy towards the end of the 16th century. This was the period that marked introduction of writing. It encouraged early musicians to begin composing written music. This specific piece was composed by Mozart on his touring to Vienna at the age of 14. Because of the performing and costume characters , the music has three parts; part one has three scenes while part two has two scenes and part three has three scenes. It Involve only two ensembles and no orchestra.

It has a piano at the introduction, duet ending part II that is formed by Aspasia and Sifare and lastly there is a brief quintet ending the opera. It has up to 1200 performers who include the musicians, dancers, costume, actors and actresses. It was first performed in German and later in the court of Prince Archbishop which was Mozart’s home town.


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