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Crow in his book named Jazz Anecdotes is actually an insider's observation at the world of jazz. For instance, through the theme of love the author critically offers the reader with insights that only affection could keep a jazz musician in motion. There are short portions of the book that focuses on one or two renowned jazz musicians. For instance, the book takes critical inward looks at the lives of great jazz artists like Fats Waller, Dizzy Gillespie, Bessie Smith, Tommy Dorsey, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, and the extraordinary Eddie Condon.

Realities as well as myths that might be appropriate appear to emerge and weave through the narrations. The book which is more than a joke indicates that the word might have started out of corrupted abbreviations of the initial names of pioneer music artists. Mythical application of the word indicates that the author clearly shows that ‘Jazzing’ was commonly applied as a word to mean fornication. As a collection of general issues focusing on teaching and learning, life on the road, discrimination and prejudice as well as on the importance of a good nickname the narration shows the jazz world as it really is.

Therefore based on such observation bassist and jazz composer Bill Crow has created stories from physical contact interviews, biographies as well as autobiographies. Throughout the whole book the pages contain hilarious stories of goofs, pranks, getting hired, getting fired narratives as well as things that happened while on the road. It has jokes, nicknames, and unforgettable instances while performing at clubs.


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