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Jazz Dancing

Dance refers to the act of expressing feelings, opinions and emotions throughmovementand use of thebodyand its parts. Dancing provides many benefits to participants, some of the benefits include; through dancing, a dancer is capable of expressing one, those dancing as a groupare unifiedby the dance. Additionally, dancing provides achanceofrefreshmentandrelaxationmentally and physically, dancing isentertaining, it helps toexercisethe body,eventuallydancing inspires dancers and helps them toformaffiliations. The art of dancing can also be developed tocommunicatecertainmessages to the audience. The talent of dancing is a source of employment of dancers and trainers.

The firsttypeof danceis knownas Jazz.Jazz refers to a fun dancestylethat entirely depends onoriginalitycoupled with improvisation. Several dancers of Jazzintegratea number of dance styles into their dancingtherefore, incorporating their ownexpression.The Jazz type of dance embraces the use ofconfidentanddramaticbodymovements, with thehelpof contractions and isolations of the body.The othertypeof danceis referredto as the tap dance.The tap dance is a fascinatingtypeof dance in which dancerare obligedtoweardistinctivekindof shoes made with metal taps.Tap dancers rely on their feet, to make timely beats and rhythmic patterns.

The othertypeof dance is the Hip-hop dancingstyle; itis usedwhen dancing to Hip-hop music that developed from the hip-hop culture.Hip-hop dance includes various movements such as breaking, krumping, popping and locking andoccasionallyhousedance. Successful mastering hip-hop dancing the need for properpersonalinterpretationand improvisation are critical.Modern dance is also another type of dance that refutes many strict rules in the Classical ballet, but itratherfocuses on expressing the dancer’sinsidefeelings.Other dances include the Chinese classical dance and the crystallinedreamof ballet.

The sweetness with dance is like that of ice cream flavors, making it almost difficult to choose just one type of dance style.Another type of dance is the ballet, which plays as abackboneto many different types of dance styles.Balletis foundedon techniques that have changed over a number of centuries.This type of dance uses music and dance to tell stories, it istherefore, justified that Ballet dancers canmovetheaudienceto a differentworldofhappinessand activeness.

The Tuesday night at the David H. Koch started with works of Balanchine that displayed two factors of “concerto Barocco” representing the ineffable and “tarantella” as a whirligig in a dance known as “The crystallinedreamof ballet”. It became confusing tocomprehendthearrangementbut the second part of the evening was quite a relief. The second half-constituted Jerrome Robbins’s and Balanchine areliterallythe firebird.These were two dance works that wereundoubtedlyandexplicitnarrativethat revolves aroundinternaland social worlds.The performance offered an opportunity toreflectand on how the two qualities aresignificantin the survival andexistencewith others inourdaily struggles.

The artists performed with assuredness, and theiritemran from humorous tosublime. Their movements werephenomenalwithexceptionalcoordination between the dancers and theirmasteryof colleagues’ positions. The dancers seemed to have undergone atestof clearing themindsince they exhibitedimpressiveconcentration in their respective roles on the dance stage. The attires for women dancers counterbalanced against aclassyblue background resembled thebeautifulessenceof having adrinkof water after taking volumes of sugary beverages. When the dancers made their movements they appeared invigorated and at the same time human, just like the music that remained relaxing leaving theaudiencenodding heads.


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