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Ludwig van Beethoven and Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Ludwig Van Beethoven extensively known as the best composer of all times was the son of Maria Magdalene and Johann van Beethoven and was baptized on 17th December, 1770. His folks originated from Brabant, Germany. There was a significant difference in his parent’s personalities. Drunkard father while his mother was a woman with a warm heart, reserved and tender. Beethoven’s father was a musician in Bonn court. Despite father’s regular drinking weakness, Ludwig Van Beethoven loved him and referred to him as his best friend. Beethoven’s family had given a birth to seven children although four of them passed on, and Ludwig was among the three boys who survived and was the eldest (Broyles, 2011).

At a tender age, van Beethoven developed a passion to music and his father was always by his side teaching him day by day when he returned from the bar or practicing his music. His father did not have any doubts that Beethoven had a talent and he had determined to develop a fresh Mozart. Kapellmeister Ludwig van Beethoven was his grandfather and the most successful and reputed musician, a source of endless pride and encouragement for the aspiring Ludwig Van Beethoven. By the time, Beethoven was seven and half years old, in March 26th, 1778, there took place his first performance in public at Cologne. His father said he has been six years old. When presented with his certificate of baptism, he thought it was a possession of his late brother.

Beethoven soon learnt more about music, the organ and symphony from famous musicians like Gottlob Neefe. Gottlob was quick to notice Beethoven’s unique talent. Not only did Gottlob teach him music but also the works of the philosophers both contemporary and old. Before he was twelve years, in 1782, Beethoven had his first work published. In 1783, Gottlob wrote to Breuning family of his student, “If he goes on with the same fortitude, without a slight doubt, he would be a new Mozart”. In 1784 Beethoven got an appointment to organize the court of Maximillian Franz. This was a stepping-stone of networking with new circles. He met people some of whom remained acquaintances forever. Some of them were Gerhard Wegeler, Elenore, Karl Amenda – the violinist and Von Breuning family (Krafsur, & American Film Institute, 1997).

Trans-Siberian Orchestra, also called TSO is a metal band based in America and established in 1996 by Paul O’Neill. O’Neill is a lyricist, composer and producer. The band incorporates musical styles such as symphonic, orchestral, classical, progressive elements to hard rock and heavy metal. The band is famous for attending and donating to the charity work, intricate performances, such as video screens, moving trusses, laser light shows, orchestra and music with synchronized effects.

Just like Ludwig Van Beethoven, Paul O’Neil had an exceptional talent. He was enormously diverse in the career, and that is what made a star in the music industry. His passion was a motivation to learn different sounds introduced to him as he grew up such as Broadway, Yes, Harry Chapin, Queen and classical music. He played in rock band at high school and folk guitar gigs in local clubs. Since its foundation, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, under the management of Paul O’Neil is one of the most reputable Orchestra groups in the world to date. Nothing has changed in the way they composed their music yet; they remain role models to upcoming groups.

O’Neill’s goal was sincere and clear – ambition. All he wanted was an improved rock band that would go beyond all boundaries compared to any other group. He had role models, too, like Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and insisted on taking his group way further. When it came to inspiring the future generations, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Beethoven had a thing in common. They ensured by all possible means their works were a master piece. For instance, TSO sold more than seven million albums, which was an inspiration to many generations to revive many dimensions of arts in rock opera. Recently Billboard ranked the band as one of the most touring artists of the last decade.

Since 1980-85, he worked at Leber-Krebs Inc, as a celebrated manager when launching of Aerosmith, Def Leppard, The New York Dolls, Scorpions, AC/DC and Michael Bulton. He then grew to become one of the main rock promoters in Japan. He promoted all of Madonna’s and Sting’s tours and some of the prevalent rock festivals.

Both O’Neil and Beethoven recommendable talents have blossomed because of other people’s influence on their lives’ in one way or another. The success of TSO was through a collaboration of Robert Kinkel and Jon Oliva who then formed a writing group. On the other hand, when Beethoven’s father realized that his son had a stunning talent, he taught him throughout. Further, Prince Maximilian was aware of Beethoven’s talent in music, hence sent him to Vienna to further his musical studies in 1787. In any case, Vienna is a symbol of hope for music and culture. In 1792, five years later, he got yet another scholarship for two years.

Beethoven was excelling in his career and that was an attribute of hard work, commitment and self-discipline. O’Neill grew up with a broad range of world musical influences. Additionally, he got associated with Motown, Broadway musicals, songwriters and singers whilst Oscar Wilde and Robert Graves who are famous authors polished his fictional tastes. The two incredibly talented men were at it when they collaborated in production of Beethoven’s The Christmas Attic. It was enjoyable although many of the listeners felt that it was a disappointment. To prove their skills and talents, they backed with Beethoven’s Last Night. It has 22 tracks running for 73 minutes, and O’Neill (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) unfolds the tormenting story of Beethoven’s last night on the earth, when he remembers his life, love, dealing with Satan and the saving favors of Fate. Most of O’Neill’s writing for Trans-Siberian Orchestra jerks tears, and it is clear they leave everyone with a smile (January, B., 2004).

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His lyric is volcanic, long-winded although broadly varied. The rhythm of the heavy metals introduces the Requiem broken up by the ethereal children’s choir that leaves the viewers scared to death. The two artists are simply stunning as depicted by the vocal performances. Beethoven sang in an operatic baritone. On the hand, Trans-Siberian Orchestra deserved the compliments of the production bit.

Once in a few occurrences, Beethoven organized for concerts. For instance, one of his concerts in Vienna was a presentation of his initial symphony. Today most people find his work conventional and almost like Mozart and Haydn. Those days the listeners found the sonata odd, profligate and risqué. Beethoven was still immature and took music beyond the established limits (Pancella, 2006).

For the Trans Siberian Orchestra touring the world for performances was and still is common. Most of their tours were during the holidays though now they are touring any time throughout the year. The band donates one dollar from each sold ticket towards charity activities in different communities. As per O’Neill’s best knowledge, TSO is the foremost rock act that never had an opening or an open show for a different act. The band has eighty members hence one of a kind and the first act to get straight to platform for its initial tour.

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O’Neill’s, 55 years old; apparition and passion for the rock theater run deep in his blood. He has the concept of a magnificent visual production of Trans-Siberian Orchestra performance, and he wholly develops stories told in the lyrics of the band’s rock-styled CDs on the arena, which will bring the rock theater to the 21st century. Nevertheless, he has set fresh principles for visual display during live performances such as fireworks, fire lasers and any other exceptional effects for every performance. Having his band on the spotlight is O’Neill’s vision.

Beethoven is a celebrated world’s best composer of all time. He is the significant figure who changed linking the world of convectional and quixotic eras of Western music. His musical composition is evident in Shakespeare's plays at the outer boundaries of human triumph. Moreover, the fact Beethoven wrote his best and unique music whilst deaf is an almost supernatural accomplishment of artistic mastermind, possibly only compared in the history of artistic achievement by John Milton when he wrote Paradise Lost while blind, too. Wrapping up on his life and looming death during his final days, Beethoven was not expressing with words but with his music. He had borrowed a tag line that concluded many Latin plays at the time. "Plaudite, amici, comoedia finita est," he said. "Applaud friends, the comedy is over."

Beethoven suffered a cold while on the way from his brother’s house who he rowed. The cold convoluted to other health issues that he suffered throughout his life. His family and close surrounded him as he passed on, on 26th March, 1827. The funeral service took place at the Holy Trinity Church with an estimate of roughly 10,000 to 30,000 in attendance. This was the same place where his baptism took place one day after supposed date of his birth.


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