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Heavy metal music also known as Metallica is a rock music subgenre. Metallica evolved circa 1968 from the British -psychedelic and blues- rock bands such as Black Sabbath and Cream. The meaning of heavy metal has however varied over time. The elements of Metallica have been explored by other genres such as punk, alternative rock and progressive rock. Origin of the term "heavy metal" can be attributed to a phrase used in Steppenwolf’s hit song “Born to be Wild” which was heavy metal thunder in 1968.

Heavy metal music has a unique and different style of representation and performance. In Metallica the electric guitar is the main instrument used. Its use in the music is however distorted and is normally supported by the bass guitar and extremely powerful drumming in the background escorted by high-pitch and piercing vocal style- one that has a lot of energy and vigor. Other electric organs or keyboards also form the composition of Metallica.

Metallica heavily borrows its structural and musical influence from the electric blues but has lyrics that rely heavily on topics such as mysticism, freedom and sexuality. Further, the style of representation and performance of Metallica music is basically from a male perspective.

A unique feature of heavy metal is unique. It contrasts the controlled guitar “riffs” that are constricted and have rhythmic energy and the maestro melodic solos that may either be organized or not (Weinstein, 2000).

A good example of bands that specialize in heavy metal is Metallica. This band was formed by two men; Lars and James Hetfield. Lars and James later added on to the band Lioyd Grant who played the guitar, Dave Mustaine who played the lead guitar/vocal and Ron McGovney who played the bass guitar.


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