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Music Makes Me

Music has many connotations such one would find it difficult to put them down in pen. The essence of music is to reach out to and communicate a message not understood. Many years that have passed have seen music evolve in style and composition resulting in different music types and music forms. In this essay I’m going to look at two different types of music that have determined my change in music taste over the years

The various types of music are all good to listen to but I prefer listening to blues at present. Initial I used to love hip hop.

Hip hop. This is a form of popular music comprising mostly of emceeing and deejaying. Break dancing and graffiti are two other components that complete hip hop music. These have been merged with other elements over the years. It is believed to have originated in the Bronx by Jamaican DJ named Kool Herc (Adaso, 2010). It involves reciting rhymes over instrumentals. It has no set rules, except to be original and to rhyme on time to the beat of music. I used to love hip hop because the young people of then days used hip hop as a response to the older generation’s rejection of their values and needs.

It created a sense of belonging in the youth; it represented something they could identify with. Songs like: one more chance by Notorious B.I.G., stay with me by DeBarge, I Ain’t Mad Atcha by 2pac, to mention just but a few were a source of inspiration to the young generation especially the African Americans in the U.S (Long, 2005)


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